Scheana Marie Doesn’t Think Stassi Schroeder & Katie Maloney “Showed Up As A Friend” For Kristen Doute

The Kristen Doute vs. Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder drama has been a part of every Vanderpump Rules Season 8 episode so far. Nothing is really happening, but they’ve all talked a lot of shit.

Katie and Stassi are tired of hearing Kristen complain about her ex, Brian Carter, who she was still hooking up with Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen simply wanted some support from her friends. Recently, Scheana Marie shared her two cents on the drama. Keep in mind, Scheana has such a rocky history with both Stassi and Katie. Now, she and Kristen have this in common, unfortunately for Kristen.

Scheana talked about this during an episode of Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. She began, “It’s [Kristen’s]  life, and some of the girls get so bothered by her choices, but I’m like, it doesn’t affect your life personally. Well, it kind of does if they’re talking about it on a daily basis, but I totally see Scheana’s point. Being friends with Katie and/or Stassi seems pretty stressful as well to be honest.

The former Mrs. Mike Shay continued, “If you’re sick of hearing her bitch about it, I understand that, then you can distance yourself, but at the end of the day, whatever makes Kristen happy makes me happy, and if Carter’s not making her happy, then you know what? She needs to make that decision on her own.” She makes sense here, not gonna lie. Scheana seems to get where Katie and Stassi are coming from, but just seems to feel like they’ve gone too far. And if that’s not the case, that’s what I think… depending on the day and what I just read/watched.


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Scheana shared, “You can give her advice and be like, break up with him, break up with him, but it’s sort of like, you have to kind of show up as a friend. And I don’t think anybody’s really been doing that for her.” Shots fired. I’m sure that Scheana and Kristen will be sitting far away from Katie and Stassi whenever they tape the reunion. Then again, there are now 13 trillion people in this cast, so they might all be in close quarters just by default.

Scheana seems to understand where Kristen is coming from, commenting, “Kristen, I’ve known her for a decade. She’s never been single longer than she is right now. So, I think just as an adult, she doesn’t really know how to be on her own. But now, as you’ll see as the season goes on, she bought her first home. I think she’s really coming into her home and being more of an independent woman and I think that’s gonna be really interesting to see because you’ve never seen that.” Hopefully, it is interesting. I’m already over this topic, yet here I am writing about it. Again.


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