Kristen Doute Thinks Stassi Schroeder & Katie Maloney Ditched Her Because She’s Single

We are only two episodes in with the current Vanderpump Rules season, and it’s already shaping up to be the girls vs. Kristen Doute. Yes, I know that not every woman is involved in this feud, but Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder are over Kristen’s confusing relationship with Brian Carter and the feud is eclipsing the season.

Lala Kent even got up in Kristen’s face during the premiere episode to share her opinions. It’s unclear what happened throughout the course of filming, but as of this moment, in the present day, Kristen is still on the outs with Stassi and Katie, her longtime best friends.

Kristen opened up about the rift in an interview with Us Weekly. She told the magazine, “My [point of view], and I hope that I’m wrong, but it kind of feels like as I’m watching these episodes, and it felt like over the summer, that Stassi was on this high horse of being in this now perfect relationship and now she’s getting married and everything’s great.”

Kristen pointed out, “Lala has Randall [Emmett] and Brittany [Cartwright] has Jax [Taylor], Katie has Tom [Schwartz] and ‘OOP, here’s single Kristen, well that doesn’t fit with our group now. You can’t be in our pregnancy pact.’ But I don’t need a man to do everything that I’m doing.” Damn. That’s cold.


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Kristen told the magazine, “I thought I could confide in my two best friends and have my girl venting sesh. All women do it, every single one of us, whether you’re married or just dating, you all complain about our dudes to each other, so I thought it would be a little more understanding about that and just let me learn these lessons on my own rather than telling me to kick rocks.”

Instead, Stassi and Katie seem to prefer the “tough love” approach. And by tough love, I mean screaming into Kristen’s ear at maximum volume in the middle of a housewarming “house chilling” party. Or at least that’s Katie’s preferred method of communication. We will see how Stassi addresses Kristen as the season continues.


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Ultimately, Kristen concluded, “I just know that I’ve done everything to try to mend it, to try to have the conversation and there comes a point that I just had to go, you know what? I know my worth and I know what a great friend I’ve always been to them.”

As of this moment, Kristen isn’t even invited to Stassi and Beau Clark’s wedding, which is very sad. These two were able to get past Kristen sleeping with Jax and Stassi slapping Kristen in the face, but this ambiguous rift over Carter is something they cannot recover from. How random.


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