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Style is a subjective thing. For the most part, it’s impossible for all of us to agree when it comes to liking an outfit. Nevertheless, a lot of us become fashion critics when a public person wears an unusual outfit.

Yesterday, Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz, Brittany Cartwright, Beau Clark, and Katie Maloney appeared on a pre-Oscars special for E! News. It was a cute segment where they played pictionary. However, no one really cared about what was actually aired. Instead, a lot of people made comments on Katie’s outfit choice.

Brittany posted a photo of the couples with E! News host Carissa Culiner. The comments section was full of shade aimed at Katie.

One person declared, “Katie’s outfit matches her personality.” Someone else commented, “I love you Brittany, Stassi, y’all look amazing! The guys too. Sorry, idk who dressed Katie.”


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Another person wrote,”What the F is [Katie] wearing?!!! Brit you look absolutely AMAZING!!!” A different IG user commented, “Oh Katie whyyyyy”

Someone wrote, “Someone needs to have an intervention with Katie’s outfit choices.” Another person declared, “Katie couldn’t dress less sexy if she tried.”


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This one might have been a compliment: “Katie looks like a golden girl and I’m here for it #blanch #dorothy #rose.” Someone else wrote, “Who is Katie’s stylist? Let me help you girl!!”

I’m not gonna lie, scrolling through the comments, I see a ton of hate aimed at Katie’s look. However, one person did write, “Good grief, why is everyone hating on what Katie is wearing? Obviously she liked the look.”


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Stassi stepped in to comment, “Everyone talking shit on Katie’s amazingly gorge alternative Parisian-chic Carrie Bradshaw look can go shave their backs now.” Brittany also wrote, “She looks amazing!!! Idk what y’all are talking about what so ever! Her style is different and edgy and I love it!!!”

It doesn’t look like Katie has commented on her look, but she did post a screenshot of a very mean comment to her Instagram Story. Someone wrote, “you see the problem is that we watched Katie from the beginning and half the issue is not the outfit but the weight gain which makes the outfits look if she was in shape. That, plus her mean personality give out a bad vibe for her. I feel bad for her husband knwoing that he probably gets laid once a month and if… their relatiosnhip is my worse fear.” Most of (sane people) can agree that comment was completely out of line.

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