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Stassi Schroeder Denies That She & Katie Maloney Ditched Kristen Doute For Being Single; Denies Replacing Kristen With Lala Kent

This Kristen Doute vs. Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney feud is a case of she said, she said. Even so, we still are just getting a bunch of vague quotes, well, for the most part.

Recently, Kristen threw out a theory that she thinks Stassi and Katie ditched her because she’s single. And that theory did not sit well with Stassi. So much for Kristen’s hopes of getting an invite to Stassi’s wedding.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Stassi said, “That is the sort of thing that pushes me even further away.” Again, I feel like Kristen should make some alternate plans on the day of Stassi’s wedding. She’s really screwing up her chances of getting that invite.

Stassi explained, “Because if that were the case, the whole entire time when I was like, ‘Dude, you should totally break up with [Brian] Carter,’ but then I was just going to dump her as a friend because she’s single?” Exactly.


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Stassi emphasized, “I’m like, ‘Kristen doesn’t think I want to be her friend because she’s single? That is the lamest s—t.’”

So what exactly did Kristen say? She previously remarked to Us Weekly, “Lala [Kent] has Randall [Emmett] and Brittany [Cartwright] has Jax [Taylor], Katie has Tom [Schwartz] and ‘OOP, here’s single Kristen, well that doesn’t fit with our group now. You can’t be in our pregnancy pact.’ But I don’t need a man to do everything that I’m doing.” Which is what, exactly? Oh right, the t-shirt line.


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Kristen also accused Stassi and Katie of replacing her with Lala because of her private jet access. Stassi denied that accusation, telling Us Weekly, “This isn’t about taking a place. If we’re talking about, ‘Oh, the witches of WeHo,’ we were just the witches of WeHo because it was us three together. Like, it’s not like, ‘Oh someone can come in and be a third,’ and honestly three friends together — not ideal. You always need a fourth so that someone’s not left out. So it’s not really about taking places.” Alright, then.

We can all agree that the Carter situation is straight up toxic for Kristen and anyone in her inner circle, but this whole feud is just so vague and tough to watch. Some people just shouldn’t be friends, regardless of their mutual friends…. and their reality TV contracts. It’s that simple, but, instead we are all watching this complicated mess unfold with many below the belt insults.


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