Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval Shares Public Places Where He’s Had Sex

I think it’s safe to say most of the kids (can we still call them that?) on Vanderpump Rules are pretty open when it comes to their lives. They’ve showed us the good, the bad and the ugly. A lot of that good, bad and ugly has involved their sex lives, which have also comprised many story lines on the show. There was Jax Taylor sleeping with Kristen Doute when he was still with Stassi Schroeder. Then there was Ariana Madix and Lala Kent hooking up in the backseat of a car, all while boyfriend Tom Sandoval drove them home. Throw in the countless cheating scandals and sexcapades that this group have shown us on VPR and it’s hard to figure out who HASN’T slept together.

But two cast members that have been extra open about their sex lives are Sandoval and Ariana. Ariana especially since she recently came out as bisexual. I mean, if a young, good looking couple wants to tell me what’s going on in their bedroom, I’m ok with it. There could definitely be worse information coming out of that show.

Sandoval is now giving us even more details, sharing with us the three public places he’s had sex. In a recent interview/drinking game with Yahoo!, Sandoval and Tom Schwartz  play a game called “Cock-Tail All” where they have to buzz in and answer questions. Whoever answers the question gets to pour a preset ingredient into a cup and the first person to answer five questions wins. The loser has to drink a disgusting cocktail mix that looks like something they would serve at TomTom. Just kidding….sort of.

One of the questions is to name three public places you have “made whoopie” and Sandoval wasted no time buzzing in. Once he did, he revealed that he’s had sex in an airplane, a bathroom and a dressing room. Now those don’t seem like the most hygienic places to be having sex but I suppose when you’re in the mood, you’re in the mood.


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Outside of answering where he’s had sex, Sandoval also fielded questions like “What is pasta code for” and “name three jobs you would have if you weren’t a reality star”. If you want to know the answers, they would be 1) pasta is code for nothing. It’s just pasta. And 2) traveling sales rep, producer on Vanderpump Rules and a bartender. Reach for the stars, Sandoval.

Ultimately, Sandoval won the game, beating out Schwartz four to one. Despite having ingredients like tomato juice, pickles and tequila, Schwartz happily chugged his mixed drink, saying it wasn’t bad. Ever the fair friend, Sandoval finished it off for him.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]