Stassi Schroeder Says Lala Kent Is “The Erika Jayne Of Vanderpump Rules”; Lala Kent Calls Raquel Leviss A “Peasant”

What is going on with Lala Kent on the current season of Vanderpump Rules? What happened to the underdog we all rooted for? Now, she is popping off left and right… against sweetheart Raquel Leviss, no less, completely unprovoked.

Hopefully, Lala has gained some perspective and learned some lessons watching the episodes back. However, it sure doesn’t seem like she has.

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Lala talked a big game about the fight she picked with Raquel (for no reason) during a girls wine night.

Lala said, “I don’t want to have to f*cking feast on you right now, but you’re making me do that again. It happens all th f*cking time. You walk into the lion’s den during feeding time and expect not to get feasted on.”


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This girl did not start a fight. The only thing Raquel did was show up to the event that she was invited to with a bottle of wine to thank Katie Maloney for hosting. She was polite just like she normally is. And then, Lala started screaming at her to stay in her “lane” and even chirped at Stassi Schroeder when she dared to speak during her seemingly rehearsed monlogue.

Lala concluded, “Come on. Let’s remember who the queens are and who the peasants be.” Do queens attack people for no reason? Do queens try to out people on TV? I must have missed the memo.


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During that after show segment, Katie and Stassi sat there silently, probably in shock that they’ve aligned with someone who says shit like this and actually believes it. Then, it hit Stassi. She had an epiphany.

Pointing at Lala, Stassi declared, “Erika Jayne. I’m telling you she’s the Erika Jayne of our show.”


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I can see it. They both wear outrageous fashions. They’re both dating older men who fund their lifestyles. They’ve both used the Bravo platform to drop some music.

They both even have stage names. We all know about the Erika Jayne/Erika Girardi of it all. But, Lala Kent is actually Lauryn Burningham from Utah.


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And, there’s another especially relevant behavior that they both have in common. They’ve both blown up on their co-stars completely unprovoked, i.e. when Erika told Eileen Davidson that she has no clue what she “deals with every night” during the cast trip to Hong Kong during season 7.

One difference that comes to mind is that Erika has two planes at her disposal. Meanwhile, Lala gives out “killer BJ’s” so her man can charter a rental in exchange for friendships with castmates who hated her.


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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]