Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Feud On Twitter After Kristen Says Stassi “Literally Does Nothing” & Disses Her Podcast

This whole Kristen Doute vs. Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder feud has been so vague and confusing. During last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie claimed that Kristen took quotes from Pinterest for her t-shirt line.

And instead of clapping back at Katie, the person who made that remark, Kristen went in on Stassi’s career and current projects. And, the feud escalated to a full-on Twitter beef.

It all started with comments Kristen made during the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Kristen went on a rant against her former friend. She remarked, “What the fuck do you do? You literally do nothing. You were asked to push something on social media and because you have a fucking podcast and a book you think you’re the queen of England. Like, fuck you.”

Meanwhile, Brittany Cartwright just sat there and nervously wrapped. Did she stand up for Stassi at any point? Was that footage cut out? I’m just curious.


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Then, Kristen declared, “In a couple years, no one could give a shit about her fucking podcast. Who in ten years wants to hear about a 40-year-old talking about a pop culture podcast?”

Kristen concluded, “Like, slow your fucking roll. I don’t kiss the ring and Stassi Schroeder, you are much younger than me, and bitch, you were nothing a few years ago.” So much for Kristen getting an invite to Stassi’s wedding. That ship has sailed.


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Kristen tweeted, “ I just watched a VPR aftershow where it feels like I was insulting @stassi work ethic. I [100%] think Stass has built a brand for herself and I’ve always been proud of her. I was angry about the wine company at that time and i want to publicly correct my opinion.”

Stassi tweeted, “I’ve never once said a word about the things @kristendoute work on. Cool, that you’re “not apologizing” for making fun of my podcast/how I’m probably going to come crashing down/that no one will want to listen to it when I’m 40.” In fact, Kristen herself recently revealed that Stassi congratulated Kristen on her book.


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Kristen clapped back with “And now you’re just attempting to trash me publicly after we’ve been texting about this for the past hour.”

After that, Stassi admitted, “Ugh. I’m embarrassed that I’m triggered by show stuff when there’s much more important shit going on right now. Seriously, feel free to judge me. I’m judging myself.


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Stassi explained, “And this is why we can’t get it together. When I texted you PRIVATELY, I never ASKED for a PUBLIC half ass apology. But ya.. you clearly still don’t understand why we are where we are today.” Katie chimed in with “She doesn’t get it.. and may never will.”

RIP Witches of WeHo. It was a good run while it lasted. I cannot wait for the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Well, if they actually get to film it, that is.


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