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Stassi Schroeder’s Mom Confirms Issues Between Kristen Doute & Stassi

When Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark announced their engagement last week, I noticed two things. First, that ring is gigantic. Way to go, Beau. Second, Kristen Doute was MIA. She didn’t comment on any of the Instagram posts. She didn’t even click “like” until days later. Yes, I was actively checking. And, yes, I’m very ashamed of that. Let’s move on.

After the proposal, their families and Vanderpump Rules cast members gathered at Lisa Vanderpump’s house for a celebration. Kristen was MIA. Again. Is she still banned from Villa Rosa? Well, she probably is, but there’s more to her absence than that. Or at least that’s what Stassi’s mom Dayna Schroeder has hinted at.

Dayna posted a photo from the engagement party, just like most moms would. According to the Instagram account Comments by Bravo, an Instagram user wrote, “Dayna were you sad Kristen wasn’t there? I know you two are close! congrats.”

Ah, yes. Never forget Dayna drunkenly slurring last season about how she wished she had a daughter like Kristen… in front of her own daughter, Stassi.

Dayna responded to the comment with “yes, quite sad. But I didn’t really know all the particulars. So I was out of the loop for a while. Don’t you worry, it’s like Lion King and the circle of life… each one of these girls will grow, change and come back to their original strong friendship bond that they’ve always had. Somethings just take time.”

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Wow. It was a struggle to get through those grammatical errors. But, we can deduce that Crazy Kristen might be making a comeback during Season 8.

Kristen has been at events with Stassi and Katie Maloney promoting their Witches of WeHo wine line, but other than that she’s been out of the picture- literally. She’s been pretty absent on social media. Unless she just happened to be the person who took all the photos during the recent cast trip to Las Vegas, she wasn’t there.

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On a recent episode of Stassi’s podcast, Stassi and Katie also mentioned being annoyed with someone during Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding weekend, but they refused to mention a name. Kristen was pretty absent from the photos with Stassi and Katie that weekend. They were only together in photos when they were with the entire wedding party.

Of course, social media isn’t everything. There are plenty of great moments in life that do not make it to Instagram. However, it does seem like Kristen is on the outs with Stassi.

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