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Jax Taylor Explains Why He Exposed Kristen Doute’s Sex Tape; Jax Claims Kristen Made Sure Carter “Accidentally” Saw The Video

During the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor randomly brought up that Kristen Doute had a sex tape during an event that Kristen was hosting to promote her t-shirt line James Mae. What was up with that timing, man?

Kristen insisted that the video was from four years ago. Jax insisted that it was more recent. And, ultimately, Kristen admitted she lied during her confessional interview.

Jax and Kristen discussed the sex tape debacle during (separate segments) on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. Jax said he brought it up because “I was pissed. I was pissed off.” He added, “Towards the end of the season, Kristen’s selling the ‘I’m sorry, I can’t believe [Brian] Carter’s doing this.’ OK. I took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. I’m over her house, I’m cutting her grass. I’m helping her redo her house. I was helping her do everything.” He also said that he took her out to dinner to cheer her up and went out to bars where she was hoping to meet men.

Jax continued, “Then, to find out she has sex/blow job tapes with other guys, I’m like ‘Kristen, I’m going all over trying to fix and make you feel better when you’re just sucking guys off during the week.’


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Of course, Jax and Kristen had very different versions of the story. Kristen claimed, “So, the video was in February. Carter and I were broken up. We were still living together. He went through my phone. ”

Jax had a much more elaborate version of events. He said, “This is how Carter found out, right? She leaves the phone on the couch and goes to take a shower. Carter goes to grab the phone and it just so happens to be right at the top. I don’t know about you, but if I had a sex tape in my phone, I would probably bury that. There’s many apps where you can bury things now. I wouldn’t leave it on the couch with my ex-boyfriend that I’m still kind of fighting with [and] right as you open the phone, you can hit this, there’s the video.”


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That is pretty suspicious, especially from an admitted shit-stirrer like Kristen. Also, she left her phone out on the table back in the day during a Miami trip to expose Tom Sandoval for allegedly cheating on Ariana Madix. This is a standard Kristen move. Case in point: the whole Miami Girl storyline.

Kristen explained, “I’m not embarrassed by the fact that I have this video. I was annoyed that Jax brought this up at my James Mae Party.” Jax’s wife Brittany Cartwright told her, “And I was too.”


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When an off-camera producer asked, “Why do you think he cares at all about it,” Kristen answered, “Because Jax gets bored. My honest opinion is that after their wedding, Jax was like ‘I need the attention on me.'” And even Brittany admitted, “I can see that.”


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