Jax Taylor Explains Why He Thinks Stassi Schroeder & Katie Maloney Won’t Make Up With Kristen Doute; Brittany Cartwright Disagrees

The demise of Kristen Doute’s friendships with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney is a focal point of the current Vanderpump Rules season. Hell, it was even the focal point of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party, at least based on the footage we got to see.

Brittany and Jax tied the knot in Kentucky last summer, but there are other Vanderpump Rules weddings on the horizon. Stassi got engaged to Beau Clark and they are planning a wedding in Rome, Italy. Kristen is not a member of the bridal party and, as of this moment, Stassi isn’t even sure if Kristen will get an invite, despite the fact that Kristen introduced the two of them.

Jax and Brittany discussed their friends feuding during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Brittany tried to remain neutral, as per usual. She told the outlet, “I see both sides, and I completely understand why Katie and Stassi needed to take a break, ’cause they were fighting every time they were together, every single time.” And I’m sure that had to get annoying for Brittany at her own wedding events.

Brittany continued, “It’s good that they are taking this time. I hope they can find each other again, like that would be great ’cause then we can be together again and I don’t have to do this with this person, and this with that person. It’s like our parents are divorced.”


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In that same interview, Brittany said that Stassi and Katie’s issue is that Kristen said they were never good friends to her and it would be tough for them to get past that.

Almost everyone on this show has been a shit friend at some period in time. If they could get past some truly awful things like Kristen sleeping with Jax, Stassi slapping Kristen, and Stassi disowning Katie for going to Scheana Marie’s bachelorette party, couldn’t they get past the Carter drama?


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Eventually, Jax jumped in with a reality check. He doesn’t think the ladies will settle their issues in time for Stassi and Beau’s wedding. He commented, “I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.”

Jax also said the cast was placing bets about whether or not the trio will make up. That’s cold, but that’s a creative way to deal with the surrounding drama and keep things entertaining.


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Jax went on to explain, “I think they are still going after each other, and I think Kristen needs to figure herself out and get past whatever she is going through.”

Jax summarized, “I think Stassi and Katie have had enough of you [Kristen] telling the girls one thing, and you telling your boyfriend, Carter, another thing, and you’re wishy-washy and we’re not getting the straight story from you.” We know. We get it. How many times are we gonna hear the same assessment frrom everyone on this show?


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