Dorinda Medley Slams Tinsley Mortimer As A “Liar” For Secretly Dating Scott Kluth

Dorinda Medley must have felt vindicated by Tinsley Mortimer’s sudden departure from the Real Housewives of New York to get serious with Scott Kluth.  Of course Scott and Tinsley have history. But Tinsley denied having anything to do with Scott all season then left for Chicago so quickly that she missed Luann de Lesseps halloween party.

What does this have to do with Dorinda?  Logically, nothing.  But Dorinda has made Tinsley’s relationship with Scott a bargaining tool on authenticity.  Her supposed lack of transparency triggered Dorinda to the point that she couldn’t even maintain a polite demeanor with Tinsley.  But just because Tinsley is out of Dorinda’s physical reach, doesn’t mean that they can’t take jabs at each other thanks to Twitter.

The social media sparring picks up exactly where we left off during the cast dinner when Tinsley announced that she was leaving to be with ScottDorinda parrots the same arguments and tries to draw in other cast members.

First, Dorinda accused Tinsley of being dishonest.  She tweeted, “liar lair @TinsleyMortimer.”  Lying by omission really triggers Dorinda apparently and she was called out on it.  How is Tinsley’s personal life something that she is obligated to share with Dorinda?  Especially when privacy was a huge issue for Scott.


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One fan said as much.  She tweeted Dorinda that, “she’s not obligated to share who she’s dating.  Worry about who you’re not dating.  Maybe if your Holland Tunnel was getting some traffic you’d not be so concerned.”

Dorinda replied that, “we’re on a show where you have to be transparent then choose Don’t be on a REALITY SHOW!”  Were producers this worried about Tinsley’s relationship?  If it’s all about what’s best for the show, wouldn’t Tinsley have been fired?  Her storyline was rather dull and reduced to being paraded in front of Dorinda to get a reaction out of her.


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Dorinda also pointed out conflicting statements that Tinsley made about Scott.  Then she brings Sonja Morgan into the argument, kind of like the way she demanded that Ramona Singer ignore Tinsley at the dinner.  Dorinda tweeted,”wait last week, ‘I’m not seeing Scott’ confused @TinsleyMortimer so did you just lie the whole season? #confused @SongatMorgan aren’t you?”

Some fans of the show are team Dorinda and back up her concerns about Tinsley.  One pointed out that Tinsley may have been hiding this relationship for a lot longer than anyone thought.  She said, “TinsME will never own up to the 3 seasons of lies about Scott.  Wish one of you would say why she’s been lying this entire time.”  Dorinda replied, “correct #thankyou”


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Dorinda needled in again, but was confused as to where Tinsley and Scott are in their relationship.  They are not married yet but engaged.  Dorinda, unaware of their status wrote, “wait ‘I’m not seeing Scott now married.'”

At this point in the season, Dorinda’s tagline sounds like a direct response to Tinsley and the conflict they had.  One Tweet pointed out this connection.  It read, “you saying, ‘I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong’ is making so much sense now queen.”


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Dorinda acknowledged the sentiment and answered, “correct we come on the show to be transparent and honest if not we’re frauds!”  Dorinda then contrasts herself with the supposed untruthful TinsleyShe said, “I’m truthful.”

At this point, Dorinda could leave well enough alone and be happy for Tinsley.  She is off the show now and Dorinda can claim victory and move on.  Will this kind of interaction continue on social media?


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