Elyse Slaine Says Tinsley Mortimer Mocked Dorinda Medley & “Poked The Tiger” To Provoke Her

When Dorinda Medley first joined Real Housewives of New York, she was an instant fan favorite, with her hilarious one-liners and fun attitude. This season? Not so much. It was just so uncomfortable to see her (seemingly) going after Tinsley Mortimer. Even Dorinda herself admitted that it was tough to watch herself on the show this season.

Maybe things will get better in the second half of the season now that Tinsley is in Chicago and off the show. Or, perhaps, she will just misdirect her anger at another cast member, which seems to be the most likely scenario at this point.

Elyse Slaine discussed Tinsley and Dorinda’s drama during a recent appearance on Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald. Elyse said, “I do think that Dorinda was hard on Tinsley.”

However, she doesn’t think that Dorinda’s anger came out of nowhere. Elyse shared, “I think that a lot of the audience didn’t see Tinsley kind of poking the tiger a little bit as well. So, I think Dorinda has gotten an incredible amount of hate that is not 100% deserved. That being said, yes, it was often cringe-worthy because when Dorinda loses it, I don’t think a lion is a match for Dorinda when she wants to come at you, let alone Tinsley, who’s you know, more like a kitten.” Meow.


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Elyse shared a specific example, “Did you notice when we were at the wine tasting and Dorinda was opening about her breakup with John [Mahdessian] and cleaning up Bluestone Manor after the flood and coming to terms with Richard’s passing, which she hadn’t really done for seven years, and Tinsley was sort of sitting on the side mocking her?”

I’m gonna have to go back and re-watch that scene. Perhaps, I overlooked it and just focused on Dorinda comparing Tinsley’s love life to a piece of chewing gum.


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Still, Elyse claimed, “And I just kept thinking ‘Oh, Tinsley, please stop. This is just so not gonna go well for you.’ But, people, for some reason, chose to ignore that.”

She also addressed that horrible comment Dorinda made about Tinsley getting pregnant with a turkey baster after Tinsley announced she was moving to Chicago to be with Scott Kluth. Elyse said, “I can’t defend that” and “I was in shock.”


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Still, she doesn’t feel like Dorinda just straight up hates Tinsley. Elyse theorized, “Truth be told, I feel if Tinsley called Dorinda and needed her advice for something, Dorinda would be there for her. That sounds funny to say.”

Elyse added, “I don’t understand everything Dorinda was experiencing and why it was manifesting itself the way it did, but I still believe that Dorinda is a good soul.”


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She also said, “I don’t want to speak for her, but I think, watching it now, she probably realizes that she was going through a lot at the time and some of the anger was misdirected.” That’s a major understatement.

Maybe Dorinda will be able to turn things around at the reunion.


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