Tinsley Mortimer Says Dorinda Medley Is A “Liar” For Claiming Tinsley Blocked Her On Instagram; Tinsley Says Dorinda Did The Blocking

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York  we *sort* of got a fairy tale ending and send off for the beloved Tinsley Mortimer. Of course, any happiness this woman experiences is immediately crushed by the ever-bitter Dorinda Medley. (By the way, if anyone cares, I am still looking for answers as to why Dorinda treats Tinsley this way. Comment below!). Ramona Singer has even spoken out recently claiming Dorinda needs anger management classes .

Despite no longer being on the show, Dorinda has had a hard time keeping Tinsley’s name out of her mouth. She has recently made claims that Tinsley doesn’t own anything. Um. Tinsley and fiance Scott Kluth donated $20k to a RHONY editor whose family experienced a Coronavirus death. Who cares what she owns? She’s spending money right, regardless of whose it is. Dorinda also claims that Tinsley blocked her on Instagram. Well, even after riding her limo off into the Chicago sunset Tinsley has returned to a recent quarantine edition of Watch What Happens Live with castmate Leah McSweeny where she addresses these claims.

During that Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy Cohen asked Tinsley about Dorinda’s Instagram blocking comments. Our newly confident and light-hearted Tinsley literally laughed it off saying “Oh ha. Okay let me explain this to you!” 

Tinsley continued her side of the story saying, “She blocked me.” Just like the difference in attitude between Tinsley and Dorinda this season, their stories could not be more opposed. Tinsley explained, “After the orchard scene she blocked me and I think she blocked me because everybody was going off on her on her Instagram just to tell her that she had been horrible to me. So that’s why I assume that she blocked me.”


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Honestly, that story makes complete sense to me. Though Tins blocking Dorinda also seems reasonable. After all, Dorinda been awful to her all year. Tinsley commented, “[Dorinda] also came out and said something really crazy about me not owning anything when I made a comment.” 

Andy questioned Tinsley’s claims saying, “I thought she said you blocked her?” To which Tinsley quickly replied “she did [say that], because she’s a liar, Andy.” The self-proclaimed princess took it further, “To all of her followers she wrote ‘she blocked me, she blocked me, she blocked me’ when she didn’t tag me in the picture, but, I’m not that petty. I wouldn’t do that.”


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Tinsley finished her reaction to these claims with a clear statement, “I didn’t block her, she blocked me.” And I believe her. She’s right. She’s not petty, and she wouldn’t do that. 

Dorinda’s issues with Tinsley this season have centered around her being wishy washy with Scott.Which like, who cares? If anything, this shows how Tins is NOT that quick to X people out of her life. Tinsley has come acrosss as sensitive, forgiving, and dare I say, pretty damn loyal. I am going to miss her.


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