Tom Sandoval Comments On Vanderpump Rules Firings

Even though season 8 of Vanderpump Rules just ended, the headlines just keep on coming. Normally, the news is a bit quieter during the off-season, but with 19,334 cast members, there’s usually something going on. And, oh, yeah, four cast members just got fired. OG cast members Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute came under fire for calling the police on Faith Stowers in 2018, accusing her of a crime she didn’t commit. Stassi also complained about the Black community’s desire for more representation in film. She referred to herself as “Nazi chic.” There really is a long list of offenses that Stassi never faced consequences for, until very recently, years later, even though EVERYONE was very much aware of her actions.

Then there are two lesser casualties to the show, Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens, who have only appeared on one season. None of us were really invested in their storylines and on top of that, they both came under fire for some controversial tweets which included racist and homophobic remarks. Again, everyone was very aware of this, yet they faced no consequences when the posts resurfaced. Privilege alert. Privilege alert.

As of this moment, no one is still on the Vanderpump Rules has actually addressed the firings. I don’t know why they haven’t, if it’s out of contractual obligation or out of loyalty to friendships they have with the fired cast members. Maybe they’re just scared of saying something that would get them fired too.

Ironically, the only person from the show that’s been constantly making headlines, planning paparazzi run-ins, and commenting publicly is Stassi. In contrast, Max, Brett, and Kristen have stayed low key, for the most part. Although Brett did release an apology and Kristen and Stassi shared a joint statement via a crisis management team they hired.


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Recently, Tom Sandoval broke his silence, as the first one to speak out, be he didn’t say too much, in all honesty. Tom told Us Weekly, “It’s crazy.” True.

He also remarked, “It definitely changes things and honestly, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.” That’s rather vague, but again, it seems like a lot is up in the air these days when it comes to the show.


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Will Vanderpump Rules even return? Will more people get fired? Fans want to know. And we need to more about what the other cast members think when it comes to all of this.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]