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Ramona Singer Says She Can’t Do Online Dating Since She’s In “The Top One Percent”; Will Only Date Someone Who “Has As Much Money” As She Does Or More

Ramona Singer has been right in the middle of all the drama this season on Real Housewives of New York. You know how Ramona hates to be the center of attention!

She has slammed newbie RHONY co-star Leah McSweeney for her drunken antics. She has fought with Elyse Slaine about whether or not they are close friends.

Ramona was berated by Dorinda Medley about plans for Ramona’s birthday party, because Dorinda thought that she and Sonja Morgan were used as a social media photo op for the party planner. And let’s not forget that Ramona has ditched the ladies to attend swankier parties or go on a date.

In March, Ramona revealed that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Later that month, Ramona was quarantining because of  the coronavirus with her ex-husband Mario Singer and her daughter, Avery Singer, at his home in sunny Florida.

According to E! News in a preview of tonight’s episode of RHONY, Dorinda hosts a dinner party at Blue Stone Manor in the Bezerkshires. Dorinda always makes it nice for her guests. And Ramona isn’t shy about sharing her feelings about on-line dating.


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One of Dorinda’s guests, Sam, asked Ramona how long she was married. Ramona replied that she was married to Mario “for over 20 years.”

In the video clip, Ramona said, “I mean, I would love to find a partner but I’m not going to be with someone just to be with someone.”


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Sam raised the topic of online dating, and Dorinda was intrigued by the idea. Ramona-not so much.

Ramona whispered loudly to Sam, “We’re the top one percent! You’re not finding that on an online site.” Sam expressed surprise that Ramona isn’t interested in just finding “a good guy.”


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She has some conditions that must be met if you want the privilege of dating her. So, listen up, all you eligible bachelors! In order to date a woman in the top one percent, as man must “have as much money as we do or more.”

Ramona explained why she is so self-absorbed such a catch in her confessional interview. “I’m not the average person. The average person doesn’t have two residences, they don’t travel all the time, they don’t have my social network and my entrée,” Ramona stated. “So, online dating is very difficult for me, that’s all.”


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Sam asked Ramona why a suitor needs to be rolling in cash to date her. Ramona had quite the response. “No…because men have little penises and if you’re more successful than they are, they can’t get hard.” Ramona added, “That’s why my ex-husband and I couldn’t work out, because I made 10 times more than him.”

“I’m not touching that with a 10-foot pole!” Sam responded.  “Honey, I’m telling you, it’s a fact!” Ramona exclaimed.


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Sam commented, “It sounds like you wish he had a 10-foot pole.” Wow…just wow.

Poor Mario! He allowed his ex-wife to quarantine with him, and he was still stung by the Singer stinger.


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