Bachelor Alum Jasmine Good Works At SUR And Is Interested In Joining Vanderpump Rules 

Listen, I get it. The Vanderpump Rules kids (and their boss) are relentless when it comes to staying in the spotlight. They all want a name drop no matter what it’s attached to. That’s sort of what happens when a 7-year old show suddenly drops four cast members for racist behaviors. Especially when two of the four have been around since the beginning. Don’t forget they have suddenly hired relentless PR firms who are churning out any press that they can. All the while these assholes continue to whine about cancel culture. Let’s not even use names here, you all know who I’m talking about. I’m just as sick of seeing them mentioned too. Trust.

So on to some good news. James Kennedy is a year-plus soberTom Sandoval is endorsing a new make up line for men. Oh, and it looks like there’s a possible new cast member willing to step up and face this spiraling franchise.

If you are a fan of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise, even in the slightest, then you probably remember Nick Viall. Well, if you watched his Bachelor season you might also remember Jasmine Goode. She and Nick never had much of a romantic connection, at least from his side, but who could forget the scene where she choked him out mid-conversation? Such an under-appreciated reality TV moment. Well, it sounds like we may be getting a few more of those!

Jasmine, who now works at SUR, recently chatted with Scheana Marie on Scheana’s podcast. They talked about Jasmine possibly joining the cast of the show. Us Weekly reported her response the the idea saying,  “I mean, for me it’s one of those things where if it makes sense at the time, sure. So maybe I would.” She went on to say, “I think it’d be great! One, I think it’d be great because you guys do not have anybody that looks anything like me on the show. So No. 1, you need some [Black] representation there.”


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Jasmine said, “The thing about Vanderpump which I love, the reason I would consider it is because it’s not like The Bachelor where it’s all about love. This is your life. You’re filming your life, everyday things, and I think that’s so cool.”

Jasmine also hinted, “I’m friends with [the cast], of course…It’s like, if I’m filming, yes, I’ll film with Scheana. It’s not a big deal. … This is what we normally do.”


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She then added, “Like, if I’m gonna be on the show, I’m using this show for what I’m trying to do, not just to be the cool queen bee or the baddest bitch. … A lot of people go on the show and they just want to be, like, this character. Be this thing. And maybe because I’ve been on a TV show so I already don’t care about that part?”

Jasmine explained, “To me, it’s more like, it’s gonna be very real and authentic and … that’s why I’m kinda scared if I did do it because I’m too honest and I don’t give a s–t.” YESSSS. We need more of this energy. And truthfully, I think Jasminebrought this energy to both her Bachelor and  Bachelor in Paradise seasons. 


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Of note, former VPR cast member Faith Stowers has also said,  “I would love to go back on Vanderpump Rules. I don’t have a problem with Vanderpump Rules. I don’t have a problem with Bravo in general…I would love to join their cast again and to be able to showcase my life to people because I know people can relate to it.”


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To both of these ladies I say, COME ON DOWN! We have just about nothing to lose and everything to gain from these women gracing our screens.


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[Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/WireImage]