Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Reunion Part 1

Are you ready for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion? It’s been a season of secrets and scandals. Most of which have involved Denise Richards. She’s for sure going to be in the hot seat the most with all of the women finally together. Everyone has their opinions, but it’s difficult to tell what’s real or what’s not. One thing that’s for sure is Denise and Lisa Rinna are about to go to war.

A big shock in the reunion trailer was Kyle Richards seemingly calling out Garcelle Beauvais for not paying a charity donation. WHAT? Would Garcelle actually do that? I find that difficult to believe. From the looks of things, we are also getting a more fiery side of Erika Jayne. After a season on the sidelines, she is finally bringing some energy to the group. It’s about time! Glad she could end her (hopefully) final season on a high note.

Kyle Richards Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

These are some of my favorite reunion looks of all time. I’m really into all of the looks except for Teddi Mellencamp and Denise. Those are a no go for me. Did Denise buy that dress at Dollar Tree? Denise and Teddi need better glam or a stylist or something.

It is such crap that Sutton Stracke isn’t there with all of the women from the beginning. She was an integral part of the season and deserves more than “friend of” treatment. I don’t care about the issue with her husband. How many of these women have kids we never see? Do better. Give Sutton a diamond next season.

The issue between Garcelle and Kyle is so bizarre because it’s so one sided. Kyle didn’t even realize they had an issue and felt blindsided. Same girl. It doesn’t even make sense. Talk about a reach. Kyle says her feelings were hurt after Garcelle said Kyle was the least welcoming.

Garcelle cites alcohol as the reasoning for naming Kyle in that interview. I think she knew exactly what she was doing by saying that. She talked about Kyle all season. It wasn’t some spur of the moment thing. However, Kyle is totally overreacting by saying it left a lump in her throat. Grow a backbone.

Dorit Kemsley chimes in and talks about how Kyle is always cutting people off and interrupting. She did that to Dorit many times this season. Kyle thinks she’s the queen of the show, and she doesn’t want anyone dominating the conversation besides herself. Ego much? Although Dorit isn’t one to talk about someone talking too much.

Denise finds that Kyle talks at the group and not to them. Facts. Kyle tries to maneuver every conversation in whatever direction best suits her narrative. It’s something we’ve seen season after season. I don’t despise Kyle like the majority, but I do see her faults. The floor should be open for everyone to speak with worrying about Kyle cutting them off.

Kyle drops a massive bombshell to everyone about Garcelle. According to Kyle, Garcelle pledged to donate $5,000 at her charity event and never paid. I really hope that’s not true. That’s an awful thing to do if it is. Garcelle vehemently denies the accusation. This is a really bad look for Garcelle. I would assume it was a slip of the mind and not something she did maliciously. No way would Garcelle purposely bail on a cause like that.

Garcelle reveals that she was warned by someone in the group about Kyle. Unfortunately for us, nobody wants to OWN IT. Who do you think? Rinna or Dorit? One of them feels like the most likely option. Maybe even Erika.

Garcelle brings up Kyle’s tweets as a reason for having an issue for her, but there’s no substance to that. She created this issue with her out of thin air. She probably knew fan perception of Kyle and decided she would get a positive reaction by going after her.

Garcelle also feels like the women tip-toed around her all season because of race. She thinks that the cast feared backlash of possible racism claims if they had an issue with her. I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think nobody had an issue with her because she was never around. Sutton was around a hell of a lot more than Garcelle. Let’t hear from her.

The current climate of the world has led to really important conversation between Garcelle and her sons. She had a recent interaction with the police that served as a teaching moment for her son. Some people might not think that someone rich and famous like Garcelle deals with the same type of issues. Racism has no bounds.

Kyle asks her if she should call her black or African-American. It was nice that she took the time to do that. See right there shows me that Kyle at least wasn’t afraid to have those conversations with Garcelle. It’s frustrating because I love Garcelle and love her for the show, but some of what she says is maddening. Her issues feel pulled out of thin air.

Dorit Kemsley Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton FINALLY joins the rest of the women. If she was going to come in this early, why not just have her there from the beginning? She’s so effortlessly funny and shady. I was not sure of her at all at first, but she really won me over. She’s one rich bitch, and I live for it.

Dorit totally blew Sutton’s comments about freaking out way out of proportion. She misled everyone about the way it was said. It’s obvious that Sutton doesn’t speak the way Dorit portrayed. However, Sutton wants no part of Dorit’s present day apology. What did she actually think Sutton was going to do at the event? That doesn’t even make sense.

Dorit chose to bring it up to the group to create an issue for Sutton. She was close to putting a wedge in Sutton’s friendship with Rinna. Claiming she was going to ruin her daughters’ event was taking things way too far.

I don’t know what was really running through Dorit’s mind. She didn’t know Sutton that well. However, she had to have known she was making things out to be a lot more dramatic than needed.

Sutton feels thrown to the sharks by Rinna because of that. If you’re trying to be Rinna’s friend in this group watch out. She says it’s speaking her truth, but if you’re wanting her to defend you always, it’s not happening. Tread lightly with that one Sutton!

Honestly, Sutton calling Teddi boring was a top five highlight of the season for me. Although it wasn’t right for her to come at Teddi about being pregnant too. There is a line, and that is slightly crossing it. We all know she’s boring, so it’s good for someone to finally be calling it out. Compared to everyone on this show, Teddi is paint dry at best.

Sutton’s humor and way of discussing things sort of remind me of Lisa Vanderpump’s “British humor”. What I do like about Sutton is her ability to own her questionable comments quickly and apologize. Of course, Garcelle is good about that too.

Erika Jayne Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Will the real Denise Richards please stand up? The way she’s tried to clean up her image this season has been so phony. We know who you are. Stop playing. I get she didn’t want her kids hearing about the sexual topics. However, the way she tried to crucify the women for it was ridiculous. Plus, we already know her daughter wasn’t offended like she claimed.

It was a family BBQ at Kyle’s, so Denise should stop acting like it was some adult only event. She’s such a hypocrite too because she was the one who started the sexual theme for dinner at her place.

Denise is maddening. I’m with Teddi (please don’t attack me for that) in the thinking that Denise was trying to make them look like assholes. Why can’t she just own that? Be free with your opinions.

I agree with everything that Erika is saying about Denise setting up the group. My only issue is why is Erika only just now having this energy? Why couldn’t she be like this all season? Half of the time she spent dinners in the corner fading into the background. She’s more worried about creating a “lewk” than contributing the the conversations. Too little too late Ms. Jayne.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Denise is the ultimate gas lighter. She’s sitting there trying to convince Erika that she never had an issue. DENISE WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? What delusional world does she think people live in? What a headache here. We all saw that her daughter had no issue with it and even laughed about it. That’s not what she tried to make the group believe.

Denise tried to make everyone feel this guilt for no reason. Also, the comment Erika made about teenagers having sex was another thing taken out of context. It was evident it was a statement about teens in general. A blanket statement. Teens do have sex. That’s a fact. She never said Denise’s daughter was out there having orgies. Stop playing.

Rinna and Erika tear into Denise for liking nasty tweets about them. Rinna claims that Bravo called Denise to take down the tweet. Huh how about that? Denise was absolutely trying to clean up her image after last season.

I don’t even care what she has to say to that question. She was never targeted like she’s claiming. If you go back and watch the show without a clouded LVP PTSD lens, you can see that.

Getting called out for being a gas lighter by Rinna is exactly what Denise needs to hear  (even if it is a little pot meets keetle). How can anyone believe a word she says? Denise has lied lied and lied some more. Nevertheless, somehow people are still defending her.


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