Dorinda Medley Tinsley Mortimer Real Housewives Of New York

The ladies of the Big Apple have made it through another season. It’s been a wild and wacky season, and many are still crushed by the news of Dorinda Medley’s departure. If this reunion is truly her swan song on The Real Housewives Of New York, she’s going down swinging. However, she has a lot to answer for, starting with her despicable treatment of forester cast mate Tinsley Mortimer.

Hopefully Dorinda Medley isn’t the only wife in the hot seat at the reunion. Fingers crossed that Corona Ramona Singer is held accountable for her reckless behavior in the wake of a global pandemic. With Leah McSweeney on the cast this season, that shouldn’t be a problem. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to Ramona, but someone needs to pop that bubble. It’s also the first in-person reunion in months, so anything can happen.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

I can’t believe we are finally getting an in person reunion. This is the best early birthday gift ever! Now, let’s just hope they deliver. Give us fireworks!

Leah’s dress is going to get a lot of flack I’m sure, but I am living for it. The way it probably pisses off Ramona is worth it. Ramona and Sonja Morgan are both looking phenomenal as well. Such goals for their ages.

How great is it to see Tinsley at the reunion to wrap up her storyline? I think it’s trash that she couldn’t finish out the season, but at least she got her happy ending. She’s always wanted this fairy tale type romance. This is her dream come true. Good for her I suppose.

Despite being quarantined with ex Mario Singer, Ramona isn’t considering a reconciliation. They immediately bring up Leah calling out Ramona on Instagram, and the defenses are up for Ramona. The lack of self awareness was at the root of her frustrations with Ramona. She was clearly born without the gauge for self awareness.

Ramona refers to Leah as a bitch over the comments about her on Instagram. What is she expecting though? Leah isn’t the type to sit back and take lightly to someone giving zero f**ks about others. Ramona was parading around like it was business as usual. Almost as socially tone deaf as Kelly Dodd. They make a great pair.

The topic shifts to Ramona attending a party of Donald Trump Jr’s (which honestly says everything), and she snaps.  Dorinda immediately says that Ramona won’t be honest about it in the first place. People at the party tested positive for the virus. It’s likely that’s where Ramona actually got the virus. She’ll never admit that. It’s a much more likely reason that someone random time in early February.

Leah shouts, calling Ramona a f**king idiot over not getting the point. The point wasn’t about Ramona wearing a mask or not. The issue is her lack of empathy for those who are struggling in this pandemic. She’ll never learn, so I don’t know why they’re wasting their time and energy. That woman will NEVER change.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

They roll a video package of Leah, and what a freshman season she had. Is she the greatest rookie housewife of all time? I can’t name someone who had that much impact in their first season besides maybe Brandi Glanville in Season 2/3 of RHOBH.

Most of the women loved Leah bursting onto the scene this season. Her vulnerability, listening skills, and differing lifestyle are some of the reasons. Her confidence was through the roof right from the jump. Not everyone can walk into such an established group and be such an easy fit.

We are about take a deep dive into the origin of Leah’s vagina wings tattoos. I don’t know if I’m ready for this. Okay, I am. Bring it on. Tell me how you get your wings! Mention it all! Let’s not go into all of the details actualll

Leah’s father has the biggest crush ever on Sonja, and Sonja just eats that right up. Please never change Sonja. Leah opens up about how she started to drink prior to the show. What a time to reintroduce alcohol into her life. These women are marathon drinkers, so I hope she can actually stay stopped now that she’s given it up again.

Andy Cohen asks Dorinda is she has seen anything in herself to make her question her drinking. She says yes, but then she quickly starts deflecting to Ramona. She comes at Ramona for going out every night. Listen, that’s probably an accurate statement. However, Dorinda YOU are the one in question here. Answer that questions about YOU. STOP DEFLECTING. This is why you’re donezo on the show.

Dorinda accuses Ramona of calling Leah a whore and a tramp, and Ramona loses her cool. She says Dorinda needs to calm down and go to church! What a line. Ramona could use a little church in her life as well. Dorinda and Ramona both have issues. Neither of that wants to ever address them. They both try to control the narrative and shut it down.

Do we really believe that Luann de Lesseps’s first sip of vodka was the one we saw on the show? I don’t know about that. At least she’s aware she has an issue that should be monitored. She doesn’t want to label herself, but she is watching it closely.

Dorinda Medley Real Housewives Of New York

Again the topic is back to Dorinda’s issues with drinking, but it’s nothing but deflection. Even Andy is frustrated by her inability to acknowledge she has a problem. Dorinda and drinking don’t mix. Dorinda says she drinks out of stress, but that’s the extend that she’s willing to own up to. Until she admits to herself she has a real problem, nobody is going to convince her otherwise.

I know it’s a serious issue, but I can’t help but laugh watching Sonja’s moments. She’s so unintentionally funny. Dorinda claims it wasn’t the pills that were solely responsible for Sonja’s drunken mess. Apparently she also takes the same pills and has never had that kind of reaction.

First of all, Dorinda literally needs subtitles like every season because she gets wasted so fast. She might want to look into those pills. They might not be as great for her as she thinks they are. Such a hypocrite.

Dorinda was so unnecessarily mean to Tinsley the entire first half of the season. She came into the season like a bloodthirsty attack dog trying to rip Tinsley’s throat out. What’s the point of that? What sick satisfaction does Dorinda get from cutting someone like Tinsley down? Tinsley doesn’t bother anyone. She minds her own business.

I have to give it to Tinsley for being willing to give up being on the show for love. Not everyone would be willing to make that sacrifice. The irony is hilarious that Tinsley had to leave the show to become the only married woman on the cast. Good for her though. She’s living out her dreams. Best wishes to her!

Tinsley Mortimer Real Housewives Of New York

Tinsley says she felt shame over her relationship because of how the women treated her. It’s hard to blame them for that. They broke up SO many times. Eventually friends get tired of that roller coaster drama. Dorinda of course loses her mind after hearing Tinsley left the show for her relationship. It can be extremely toxic at times, so it was a wise decision on her part. It was crappy to do to her costars, but she had a choice to make.

Tinsley doesn’t owe them an explanation about why she did what she did for her relationship. If she was choosing to stay on the show and not divulge, that would be one thing. However, she’s made the choice to leave. This is it for her. She doesn’t have to justify her reasoning for choosing true love over the chaos of this group.

The turkey baster comment was just so so nasty. There’s no reason to hit anyone with that kind of comment. Absolutely disgusting. Tinsley makes a point about Andy’s baby being born by IVF which prompts an apology from Dorinda. He found it mean. SAME. It was one of the most horrendous one liners ever on this show.

Tinsley reveals that last season that her fiance gave money secretly to John Mahdessian. She says Dorinda was so nasty and hostile toward her that night that production was scared for her safety in the house. Even more surprising than that is we FINALLY find out who Dorinda was yelling at in an un-aired clip last season. MYSTERY SOLVED. She went insane on John after learning this and targeted Tinsley ever since.


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