Tinsley Mortimer Reveals The One Real Housewives Of New York Star That She Keeps In Touch With

Tinsley Mortimer’s final season on Real Housewives of New York was a doozy. During Season 12, Tinsley was the object of Dorinda Medley’s unprovoked rage. Dorinda accused Tinsley of secretly carrying on a relationship with off-and-on boyfriend Scott Kluth. Dorinda also attacked Tinsley for not being authentic on RHONY. OK, Dorinda.

Mid-way through the season, Tinsley announced that she was ditching the show and heading off to Chicago to be with her boo. I can’t say that I blame her when her mere presence incited such anger from Dorinda.

Dorinda told Tinsley, “I’ve got a turkey baster — maybe try and have a baby.” That was the absolute lowest of low blows since Dorinda knew that Tinsley dreams of having a family. It was awful.

I give Tinsley credit for attending the reunion and defending her right to leave RHONY for love. Of course, Tinsley broke the news in November of 2019 that Scott had finally popped the question.


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And, in a shocking twist, Dorinda, (and her turkey baster) found herself without an apple next season after she was fired for her poor behavior.

Page Six reported that Tinsley reflected on her time as a New York Housewife during an interview on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast.  Tinsley stated, “Doing a reality show with all these strong women, it is really the best therapy you can ever have.”


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There is one Housewife from the cast who is still a part of Tinsley’s life, and no, it isn’t Dorinda. It is rookie co-star Leah McSweeney. In the Season 12 premiere, viewers were introduced to Leah when she went to a boxing gym/philosophy center with Tinsley.

“We had met and I had sort of tested her, filming together. We hung out a couple times and when she got the show, I was so thrilled to have a younger girl on the show,” Tinsley explained.


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“I definitely had moments with different people. Sonja [Morgan] was more like an older sister to me, so in a way I didn’t feel like I could be wild and crazy. To have Leah there was really great.”

Who can forget Leah, Sonja, and Tinsley skinny dipping at Ramona Singer’s Hamptons home? Certainly not Ramona, who was infuriated that Leah attacked the tiki torches.


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“I am still friends with Leah and talk to her all the time. I adore her,” Tinsley shared. “Hopefully, when the world gets to a place that is somewhat normal I will go back to New York, and I will see people.”

Tinsley added, “Can I say that I will reach out to some of the girls on the show if I am in New York? Probably not. Mainly Leah, and maybe Sonja.” But Tinsley is still going to keep up with RHONY. “Of course, I will still watch the show. Maybe filming a scene or two in New York with Leah.”


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