Wendy Williams Says Noelle Robinson Came Out Because Cynthia Bailey “Needed More Interesting Storyline” On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Cynthia Fires Back

When Cynthia Bailey began her journey on Real Housewives of Atlanta, it was a big get for the show. Having one of the first successful Black models of our time appearing on the program certainly didn’t hurt the ensemble cast. Cynthia had a very close relationship with NeNe Leakes, which was tumultuous at best, but it managed to sustain several seasons of drama. Cynthia also had an interesting marriage with Peter Thomas. Mostly Peter grifted her money for failed bars and the marriage ultimately ended because no one thought it would last in the first place.

It’s probably safe to say Cynthia is a storyline drifter. She never seems to have a main focus for herself, but does participate in other people’s trials and tribulations. But sooner or later viewers will notice a lack of substance. She’s there, she’s involved, but boring won’t keep a peach. Cynthia’s second wedding is her current focus, but we’ve been here before. Recently, Cynthia appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and Wendy Williams implied Cynthia’s daughter Noelle Robinson came out on RHOA for Cynthia’s storyline. It definitely provoked a response, and Cynthia did not let Wendy get away with it. This is the Cynthia we’ve been waiting for.

With the absence of doing anything interesting comes the fact that you aren’t doing a damn thing. This has been Cynthia’s plight for a while now. There is no reason to dislike her, but there’s also little reason to keep her. Here’s the bad news, Cynthia desperately wanted her second wedding to Mike Hill to be a thing. But she decided being patient is for chumps and got married during a pandemic. Bravo gave her an “okayyyy girl” and declined to film the ceremony to keep the production crew disease free.

Last week, Cynthia had a sit down with Wendy – who can be incredibly messy. While discussing what Cynthia contributes to the show, Wendy implied Cynthia’s daughter Noelle came out as sexually fluid on RHOA to boost Cynthia’s lagging storyline. Then Cynthia proceeded to put Miss Wendy in her place. Wendy suggested, “Not for nothing you needed a more interesting storyline than the happy, married lady.” Oh, chile.


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HollywoodLife shared the clip. Cynthia replied, “Now you know I want to respond. Noelle is not a Housewife…she does not actually have to share her life with you guys.” So far so true. Cynthia shared, “Let me just say this, this is really important. The reason I really wanted Noelle to tell her story on the show is because as a reality star family at this point, if we don’t talk about it on the show and people find out about it, they almost feel like we’re hiding it.” And that is exactly what would have happened if fans found out from the media that Noelle is sexually fluid. People would have immediately interpreted it as Cynthia being ashamed.

Cynthia wasn’t done setting Wendy straight. “I didn’t want Noelle to feel ashamed and embarrassed or have to hide her truth.” Come on, super mom! She also added this gave Noelle the benefit of controlling her own narrative instead of having someone pap her holding hands with another female and throwing it to the media for cash. Cynthia added, “I wanted her to tell her own story. It wasn’t for my storyline. It was because she needed to get in front.”


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It was quite an impressive response from someone who doesn’t get to talk a lot on RHOA. The video is worth watching because Cynthia put Wendy in her place and then some. And she was truly classy about it, which fans don’t see often enough. I have never been a huge Cynthia fan but she gets points for this. You can talk about her marriage(s). You can talk about her Covid wedding. But you don’t get to talk about her daughter. Noelle has her own voice, thankyouverymuch.


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