Lisa Barlow Went To The ER After Getting Nail Glue In Her Eye

Lisa Barlow is an interesting cast member on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She is a boss and is always working on ways to grow her businesses. Lisa, who defines herself as “Mormon 2.0,” owns several alcohol brands with her husband, John Barlow. That fact alone is controversial in the Mormon Church.

Lisa and her best friend, (and doppelganger,) Meredith Marks always have each other’s backs. After RHOSLC co-star Jen Shah had a meltdown in Las Vegas, Lisa proclaimed that she didn’t think that she could be friends with Jen anymore. Since Jen had been gossiping about Meredith’s marriage to Seth Marks, Meredith was good with that decision.

During the season finale of RHOSLC, Lisa decided to invite Jen out for a drink. Meredith wasn’t happy to hear that Lisa was friends again with Jen. Lisa has also had some issues with co-star Heather Gay. First, Lisa pretended not to know Heather, even though they went to the same college together. Lisa then said that she recalled Heather being “a good time girl.”

Heather was upset by Lisa’s comments, because she was actually the opposite. Heather, who is divorced from “Mormon Royalty” Billy Gay III, is trying to discover what she wants out of life.

During a Twitter beef with Heather, when a user mentioned that Lisa is a social climber, Lisa slammed Heather. “No that’s Heather’s job,” Lisa wrote. “I married for love not for $$ and lifestyle and the Howard Hughes connection.”  She concluded, “I don’t need to climb. I earn my way!” Oof.


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According to Page Six, Lisa found herself in the ER after a mishap at home. She put nail glue in her eyes instead of eye drops. Yikes! Lisa explained that someone cleaning the house put the glue container where Lisa keeps her eye drops.

“It was awful. I was on the phone with my girlfriend and I literally went to put my eyedrops in and it was the nail glue,” Lisa told Page Six on February 4, 2021. At the hospital, a doctor informed her that, “You’re not going to be blind, but you damaged a cornea.” That is terrifying!


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Lisa revealed, “I guess there are four levels of your cornea and it went into level three. It scratched up my whole eye and they had to use surgical tweezers to pull out the eyelashes on the corner.” According to Lisa, physicians put “stem cell over my whole cornea with a soft contact lens to do rapid healing.”

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen told viewers that Lisa was scheduled to be a guest with Jeff Lewis but was unable to appear because of the accident. “It’s just an awful pain and it looked so swollen. It looked terrible, and I’m, like, ‘I can’t go on Watch What Happens Live,’” Lisa remarked.


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Both Meredith and Jen have checked up on her, and the mom of two said she feels “so much better.” Lisa added, “I feel good now, it’s just uncomfortable. I should be 100 percent by Friday.”

I hope that Lisa has a speedy recovery. And please move the nail glue to a new location.


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