Kathryn Dennis Says She’s Building A Future With Chleb Ravenell

Season 7 of Southern Charm has wrapped, and whew. Who could have predicted this landing for a season with so much tumult. For one thing, the open talks about racism have been a major change of pace. Shep Rose has a real life girlfriend !?!? Then there’s the fact that the cast have finally reached a fame level requiring some fourth-wall breaking. It’s been a journey, but they’ve made it!

For some, “making it” has meant brokering HSN deals. For Kathryn Dennis it means finally ditching her expired fuck-buddy and entering a possibly real relationship. Is this real life?!

Kathryn is deadass about this relationship. For what it’s worth, she also thought she might get back with Thomas Ravenel just this year. That is, until she realized he had a secret baby. So. Take this for what it is. Kathryn’s version of reality. That said, E! News is reporting that we may get to see her new boo, Chleb Ravenell in Season 8 of the show. Yup. I just said “Season 8”!

Kathryn shared, Chleb is just real.” Whatever that means. She also shared that her new boyfriend doesn’t think poorly of her blatantly ignorant past despite being Black himself. She said, “He knows I’m not the person who sent that text.” (Even though she literally is). Then Kathryn added, “He plays everything really cool, which helped me get my confidence back to come back into the public eye and be able to apologize and face it head on, honestly.” 


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The relationship isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, though. Kathryn said, “He’s going through a lot, too … he gets a lot of mean messages, too, so we’ve had to really lean on each other throughout all of this, but luckily he’s been helping me and I’ve been helping him, with having it through the lens of reality TV on top of that.” She also wanted fans to know, “He was thrown out there, and it’s unfortunate that it had to be watched by the world, but at the same time it was good for us.”

About the future, Kathryn says it looks bright. She shared that her new man is “best friends” with her kids. She also claims that, despite the similar name, there is no relationship between Chleb and Thomas. This runs counter to the information shared in the latest reunion ep where it’s revealed Thomas literally owned Chleb’s ancestors. Did any of these “charmers” take a history class? Try google if you don’t understand the intimation on the shared name between the two.


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Despite the weird connection between her former and current lover, Kathryn claims her new relationship is very typical. She revealed “We fight like a normal couple, but with every fight there’s a lot more understanding that comes from it, you know? And I feel that I’ve become much more of an adult through this experience and so has he. I definitely feel like we’re building a really great future together. Not just a future, we’re building a great one.”

Honestly, she’s been terrible, but good for her? I think? I mean this poor woman was definitely super young and naive when she was taken advantage of by a rich manipulative abuser. She’s also been in a fog and then recovery for much of the last several years. Let’s see how this turns out!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]