Austen Kroll Shares His Opinion On Kathryn Dennis’ New Man Chleb Ravenell

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It certainly seems like Southern Charm star, Austen Kroll is this season’s Chatty Cathy. Austen has had a lot to say about his co-stars in the media as of late. He’s feeling some type of way about Patricia Altschul’s canine-themed caftan line. He’s relieved to no longer carry the burden of Kathryn Dennis throwing herself off the wagon. And his messy storyline with Madison LeCroy kicked off a new batch of relationship issues for him to whine about contend with.

Speaking of relationship issues, Kathryn has a new man in her life. Her followers got their first look at Chleb Ravenell in July after a pic was posted to Instagram.’Ol Chlebster has been hanging in there and we will surely be hearing more about him. Austen had a chance to work with Chleb and shares his opinion on whether or not the couple are going to set the standard for being stunt queens a model romance.

Relationship expert Austen is weighing in on Kathryn and Chleb. Not entirely sure what Austen has to offer in the way of adept counsel, considering his personal experience. After all, this is the guy who got mad at his girlfriend for having the audacity to engage in sexual relations prior to meeting him. Spoiler alert, if your new flame has a whole ass child, chances are super good they have had previous encounters with banging.

Anylamethreesome, Austen recently spoke to Us Weekly and shared some intel on Kathryn’s Prince Charming. He said, “He [Chleb] literally was just, like, a model for me in my beer shoot.” Hope Chleb received more than a pint of Trop Hop for his services. Austen calls Chleb a “great guy” and confirms he’s been hanging with the gang for a minute.


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While Austen is happy Kathryn found someone who tolerates her Jacqueline Susann cosplay, he’s not sure they will go the distance. He also thinks the timing of this relationship is… convenient. “Does this come at like the perfect timing for Kathryn? You know? Yes, yes it does. I haven’t really been around them much together. But we all know the same people and we all know his, like, close friends who are close friends with her and close friends with him and hear things.” Hear things? What things? Don’t clam up now, Austen.

“So we’ll see on — you know — the verdict is out on that one as well,” Austen added. He also believes the pandemic probably pushed them together because Kathryn’s girlfriend is dating Chleb’s brother. “[Kathryn was] hanging out with Jackie [Stewart] a lot, you know, during quarantine, and then that’s where the romance sparked.”


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Obviously we will get more information on Chleb and Kathryn’s journey as the season progresses, but it doesn’t sound like Austen is convinced they will last. Then again, I might only listen to Austen if he shared a hot tip on where to buy polo shirts and flip flops. We will wait with breathless anticipation as Austen navigates his own love life with Madison and Potato Chip Guy. As Kathryn diverts off the path to sobriety, we remain hopeful she also stays out of rehab. Is Chleb her storybook ending, or just a difficult name to type? Stay tuned.


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