THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS -- "Guess Who's Coming to Happy Hour?" Episode 408 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kary Brittingham, Brandi Redmond -- (Photo by: Peter Larsen/Bravo)

Kary Brittingham Thinks D’Andra Simmons Took Brandi Redmond’s Moment Away When She Spoke To The Press About Brandi’s Video Mocking Asians

It seems some people are apparently enjoying Brandi Redmond on this season of Real Housewives of Dallas. For others, it’s been a tough watch. Brandi has never been known to keep conversations appropriate. That said, her recent behavior following the public outrage for her video mocking an Asian accent has been pretty extra. She went all the way to a wellness center. In the most recent episode it also becomes clear she has started filming the latest season of the show before thoroughly righting her wrongs. Then she called out D’Andra Simmons’ ethics as a Christian.

If anyone can point me to wherever the hell Brandi finds the audacity, please do.

It seems like the new “cafeteria-Christianity” drama has some legs. A recent sneak peak showed Brandi reading a headline that read, “D’Andra Simmons says RHOD will address Brandi Redmond’s racist video head on.” We then see Brandi confront D’Andra about it. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kary Brittingham shared her thoughts on the evolving dynamic between Brandi and D’Andra. She seemingly defended Brandi and said, “We all know that Brandi had a really, really tough time with the video.”

We can all see that Kary and D’Andra have done nothing but clash this season. Maybe that has helped Kary to pick her side on this one. She continued her defense of Brandi, “It was not her proudest moment, and that was her story to tell, and I was asked many times about it and I said, ‘I think that’s Brandi’s story.’ That’s a moment that D’Andra took away from Brandi, and I think that was not her place to talk about it at all.”


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Kary added, “I mean, D’Andra out of any one of us, she knows how the media works. She knows what she should say or not say, and what was going to make a headline. So, she used it, because I know she was trying to promote a movie that [she produced], and she used Brandi on there to be the headline, and I just don’t think that it was fair to Brandi, to do that. And Brandi was really hurt.”

Kary also revealed her surprise that Brandi filmed for season 5 at all. Stephanie Hollman, Brandi’s bestie, has said essentially the same thing. So why is Brandi here? Her year following Season 4 has been crazy tough, racism aside. Her mother-in-law died in a car accident with one of Brandi’s children in the vehicle. More recently, her husband, or a strong look alike, was caught on film kissing another women in a club.


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Brandi’s return for season 6 is already looking pretty bleak. Especially as evidence begins to mount that the video of supposed Bryan Redmond was in fact him. Kameron Westcott seemingly confirmed with her recent comments on the footage. Kary, has told fans, “We’re not going to know, really, until after reunion, and I think that Brandi is going to have to make whatever the best decision is for her.”


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