Captain Sandy Yawn Says Ben Robinson And Tom Checketts Are The Best Below Deck Chefs

Captain Sandy Yawn has been the branded as the most intense of all micromanagers.  The Below Deck Mediterranean captain has a habit of inserting herself into any crew drama, and therefore into more camera time as well.

Maybe Sandy does this because she thinks it makes her a good leader.  Certainly it’s a management style, but Captain Lee Rosbach can run a tight ship without watching over each dinner service or assigning cabins.  So it could just for her own benefit that Sandy waltzes on screen at any opportunity, especially to the galley.  

Sandy absolutely terrorizes the chefs that have worked on her boat.  The only person to whom it was arguably warranted was Mila Kolomeitseva.  Everyone just needed Mila to be gone after she prepared that pitiful plate of nachos.  Mila’s incompetence only triggered Sandy’s micromanaging further.

Kiko Lorran was fired in front of the interior team, then forced to finish the dinner service.  Ben Robinson had to defend himself when the stove wasn’t functioning properly, an issue that stand-in chef Anastasia Surmava also struggled with.

Few have said they felt Sandy was supportive and motivational.  And that kind of leadership doesn’t always bring out the best in people.


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So when a Twitter follower asked Sandy if Adam Glick was the best chef she’s ever worked with, fans were curious to read her response.

Sandy wrote, “Adam didn’t follow the preference sheet and put onions in the client’s food when he asked him not to.  So no, he is not. Ben and Tom [Checketts] were the best on Below Deck Med.

Really? Tom?  Sure the meals were stellar, but what of all the galley tantrums?  His raging towards Aesha Scott about avocados that left the bubbly second stew in tears?  Only bosun Malia White could stop his meltdowns.


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Ben arguably had just as much talent, and could manage his mood swings without involving other members of the crew.  He was much more suited to living and cooking on a yacht.  A far better choice if one had to pick between the two.  But Sandy did seem to have some preferences towards Tom and Malia, who were dating at the time.

Who will be cooking in the galley next season on Below Deck Med?  Will that chef have a good working relationship with Sandy?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]