Lisa Vanderpump Says Kathy Hilton “Won’t Take Any Nonsense” On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

When Season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debuts on May 19, 2021 “OG” Kyle Richards will once again have a sister in the mix. That may not be the best news for Kyle.

In the past, Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards, held a diamond for five seasons on RHOBH. She struggled with alcoholism, and the relationship between the pair was often fragile. It was heartbreaking to watch. Kim even accused Kyle of stealing her house. After their parents died, Kim was expecting to inherit their Los Angeles home, but it went to Kyle instead.

Lisa Vanderpump quit RHOBH after Season 9 and dipped out of the reunion. The “puppy gate” scandal was too much to handle along with the death of her brother. When Kyle accused Lisa of planting a tabloid story and lying, it spelled the end of their long-time friendship.

It was rumored in 2019 that Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton would be joining the franchise. Kathy was originally supposed to be part of RHOBH in Season 1, and instead suggested Kyle for the spot. I can’t imagine the franchise without Kyle and her husband, Mauricio Umansky. But Kyle and Kathy have also had issues in the past. Mauricio worked with Rick Hilton, Kathy’s husband, at Rick’s real estate company. Mauricio eventually left and founded his own successful real estate firm, The Agency.  Awkward! This caused friction between the sisters.

When Kyle developed the television show, American Woman, Kathy wasn’t thrilled. The scripted series was “loosely based” on Kyle’s childhood. Kathy and Kim felt that Kyle was exploiting issues in their family that shouldn’t be made public.


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Now that Kathy has officially signed on as a Friend of the Housewives, we can no doubt expect some drama with Kyle. Lisa also weighed in on Kathy joining the franchise. Lisa told HollywoodLife, “I like Kathy. Kathy won’t take any nonsense.” The RHOBH alum shared, “I like it when anybody changes the dynamic in a group.”

But don’t expect Lisa to tune in to watch Kathy on RHOBH. Lisa stated, “I don’t follow the show anymore since I walked away.” Sure, Lisa. I think that Lisa would watch just to see her former bestie, Kyle, squirm.

Lisa recently said that she would consider returning to RHOBH if Kathy was a cast member and there were some casting changes. Lisa remarked, “It’s been such a long time and I’ve just got a lot going on. But I do love Kathy [Hilton.]” Are you listening, Andy Cohen? “Now, if you could just get rid of the other five,” Lisa quipped.


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So, how does Kyle feel about Kathy joining the show? In October of 2020, Kyle said, “I think it would be interesting and fun. I feel like it’d be an adventure, and people know from watching the show that we’ve gone through some rough times together but we’re great. We talk every day, many times a day, and we laugh,” Kyle added.

Well, we’ll see how close these sisters are at the end of the season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]