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Kary Brittingham Claims D’Andra Simmons Told Her To “Fight Like Sisters” To Make Good TV Ahead Of Filming Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 5

The Real Housewives of Dallas really tried it this last season. The franchise had two major blemishes to address. The first of which was carnie LeeAnne Locken who acted like a clown referring to her co-star, Kary Brittingham, as a “chirpy Mexican.” On camera no less! LeeAnne was shown the exit, seemingly easily, after that one. Brandi Redmond, on the other hand, was allowed back after her between-season-call-out for blatantly mocking Asians on her very public Twitter. While Brandi sought a retreat to cure her ignorance, Bravo also had the marvelous idea to add Asian immigrant Housewife Dr. Tiffany Moon to the cast! What could go wrong!?

While I think it was obvious Brandi never stood a chance of redemption, did anyone see the following Kameron Westcott parade of mis-information coming? Her brother-in-law got involved via Twitter. For someone named after an informational graphic, Chart Westcott really miffed his attempt to school Tiffany.

The day after Chart overstepped about fifty boundaries to get involved in Kam and Tiffany’s issues, Kam took to her podcast Kam & Kary Do Dallas with Kary Brittingham to go in on yet another castmate. This time, the focus was set on Tiffany’s cast bestie, D’Andra Simmons. Kary seemed to lead the charge by saying, “I’ll tell you the one thing that I’m also really hurt about is, I mean, D’Andra you know told me  before the season ‘Hey, girl. We should fight like sisters and bring it this season because nobody else will.'” Are we supposed to believe that D’Andra saw no drama brewing for season five? That seems impossible

Kam also questioned Kary’s comments. She said, “She really said that?” to which Kary replied, “Yes and I’m like ‘OK.’ And then I fight like sisters, and, of course, I have no idea that you know….” Kam filled in Kary’s blank adding, “It was gonna backfire and she called you a ‘bully.'” 


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Kary did take some accountability for her actions, however. She claimed, “We are responsible for our own actions. I’m not proud in any way for how I behaved, especially with Charles. I was in a low point, as everybody knows now, I was going through divorce.” 

Kary continued,  “I was going through a lot this year and I learned a lot and I’ve grown a lot. And yeah, I make mistakes. We all know we’re filming a show. We know we have to be a little more dramatic than normal with everything. You know? It is a TV show even though everything is real and it is how we feel with real feelings.”


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Kary also revealed,  “It was sad to me that me and D’Andra filmed [and] we were completely fine at the end. She goes ‘Oh, girl. You and me brought it. The show would have been so boring without you know, us.’ And everything else. We were trunk shows all through December and then the show starts airing and she’s going on social media and Twitter, kicking me when I’m down.” 

Of course, when there’s a take down taking place, these Dallas Housewives will never miss an opportunity to unnecessarily drag Tiffany into it. Kary ended the segment saying, “Tiffany and D’Andra [said] I was a bully, but they’re doing this cyber bullying. Hello?” 


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