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Kary Brittingham Says She And D’Andra Simmons Don’t Have Genuine Friendship; She’s Fine With A “Superficial Friendship” If That’s All D’Andra Will Offer

We need to help Kary Brittingham. A rogue bandit in the night must have entered her home and stolen all of the televisions because girlfriend is clearly not watching the current season of Real Housewives of Dallas. Kary joined RHOD in 2019 and was actually brought on as a friend of D’Andra Simmons. Thanks to LeeAnne Locken’s inability to have any semblance of tact, Kary found herself at the center of a storyline she never asked for, but one that sealed her spot on the show.

Cut to Kary’s second trip around the Bravo sun and, Dallas Houston, we have a problem. You know it’s bad when Jen Shah can be indicted for wire fraud, but still somehow retain a bigger fan base than Kary who hasn’t scammed elderly people. Allegedly. Kary has made a poor impression upon new cast member, Tiffany Moon and her old friendship with D’Andra is currently in jeopardy. Now Kary is saying she and D’Andra don’t have a genuine friendship anyway. So that begs the question, who wants to be friends with Kary?

Kary is riding the struggle bus, but to be fair, she’s bringing it on herself. In what looked like a desperate attempt for camera time, evolved into a bad look on Kary’s part. Whether she complained about an event someone else organized, or anointed herself the tequila pusher, Kary isn’t vibing with viewers. If she would own her behavior and admit mistakes, the largely forgiving audience would most likely move on. Instead, Kary is taking the, “it’s not me, it’s you” theory way too far.

Case in point, Kary believes Tiffany didn’t want to be her friend from the get. Tiff couldn’t have possibly formed her opinion after being pushed in a pool. Or had someone try and force her to take shots. Or been insulted that someone thought fake gagging at a dinner table was an appropriate response to not finding a certain food appetizing. It’s Tiffany’s hang up, y’all, not Kary’s. With that, it should come as no surprise that now Kary is saying former buddy D’Andra is not her real friend at all.


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kary addressed several issues she’s having with “friends”. First Tiffany was accused of not wanting to be her BFF, and now it’s D’Andra’s turn. Can’t we just let D’Andra be great? D’Andra has previously mentioned she is “cautious” about getting friendly with Kary again. Kary says she’s fine having a “superficial friendship” if that’s all D’Andra is willing to offer. Remember when we talked about deflection? Here it is again.

“I hope we can really move past that and hopefully be good friends, but two people have to want it, have to work at it,” Kary said. “Friendships and close relationships are not easy.” It also helps when you don’t constantly criticize someone and put them down.

D’Andra believes Kary expects too much and revealed she set up a weekly reminder to call Kary just so she wouldn’t get mad for not checking in more often. “She’s [D’Andra’s] told that to me before,” Kary admits. “I’m like, OK, then it makes sense. I don’t want to feel like you have to call me, you should want to call me. If you have to put a reminder in your phone to call me, that means you have no interest in talking to me.” Or it could mean, you know, she has a life.


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“It doesn’t matter, the phone call,” Kary continued. “It matters the engagement and the phone call, and it feels like, I called Kary. Check. I ask her, how are you doing? How’s your family doing? Check. That’s not it, it’s not a genuine, heartfelt friendship. I don’t care if you call me once — I mean, I have friends that I talk to once a year and it felt like we just saw each other yesterday. It’s the commitment to the friendship.” While Kary resumes pondering theories on troubled relationships, it might help if she figured out the common denominator is herself.


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