Jennifer Aydin Was On A Reality Show About New Money Before Real Housewives Of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey was quite a circus this year. Second season Jennifer Aydin really got her groove on while everyone else seemed to stick to the same old script. Love her, or hate her, and least Jen got us all talking!

Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs tried to come for Jennifer’s privilege and constant need to boast about her wealth about mid-way through the season. Jen didn’t back down, though. In fact, she and Bill Aydin ended season 11 of RHONJ by dazzling viewers with a clunky dazzling 9-carat ring. All during their romantic and filmed 18-year anniversary dinner. True love.

The Instagram @thebusinessofbravo recently uncovered a hilarious clip of Jennifer from her time on an E! show years back. The clip of the show, “New Money”, was posted about a week ago. It featured Jennifer as a “jewelry king-pin.” In the opener, Jennifer is caught saying classic rich-girl phrases like, “The stores love having me a a customer.” Another time she shared, “I lost call concept of the dollars. I couldn’t even tell you what a carton of eggs cost.”

If you didn’t watch, “New Money” seems to have a cribs-esque style. Basically, people walk around their houses bragging about the value of random items. The episode really cashed in on Jennifer’s camp. She walked through a Turkish jewelry store announcing “We need diamonds on the hookahs.” She also spent time educating viewers on the value of silver in the Turkish culture. Later, Jennifer took viewers took cameras to her nursey where she showed them her most valuable item, and no, it wasn’t a baby.


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Jennifer’s most prized possession was apparently a dresser she bought to showcase bags and jewelry. She spent time pulling out Chanel after Chanel, telling viewers to “do the math” regarding the total cost of her bag collection. Charming.

In response to the resurfaced clip, Jennifer has commented “I knew this would come to haunt me one day, but whatever. It’s all about growth! This was when Bill first started making money and my family jewelry store was a success. And sure, it’s cringe, but so was everything else these days, so who cares!? We live and learn! So Enjoy, I guess.”


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During the recently aired reunion episodes, Jennifer reminded fans of the show that she and Bill got together while he was a broke resident. She boasted about her time as a struggling young family early in their marriage, and argued she has earned the right to a little spoiling. Anyone want to argue with that?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]