Jennifer Aydin Says She Doesn’t Have A Mortgage On Her House, But She Actually Does

Jennifer Aydin is really peeling back the layers on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey We’ve gotten to see her as a daughter, a loyal friend, and  a drunk. It has been a far cry from Jennifer’s first season where she spent every episode boasting about her husband’s financial success and bathroom -filled home.

Since her fall out with Jackie Goldschneider over the Evan Goldschneider cheating rumorsJennifer hasn’t made any more attempts to host play dates combining their fleets of children. Instead, she’s opted for the route of hosting mother-daughter tea parties. The gathering of the mothers and the Housewives took place over the most recent two episodes of the show. During the event, Jackie didn’t miss the opportunity to fire a shot at the mega-home of Jennifer and Bill Aydin. She joked, “Welcome to the Taj Mahal. If the Taj Mahal had a huge mortgage — and no furniture.” Oof.

During a  Watch What Happens Live episode with Andy CohenJennifer addressed Jackie’s comment. She said, “I found it interesting because I don’t have a mortgage.” Oh really? Jennifer added, “I paid for this property cash, and we built it halfway, we paid with bank check, and the rest was a construction loan to finish the build. So, I actually don’t have a mortgage. Check that, attorney!” Oh Jennifer, what do you think that loan to build is considered??

Page Six got to the bottom of the issue in no time flat. Documents they were able to obtain indicated that Bill and Jennifer in fact *do* have a mortgage on their supersized Paramus home. The mortgage, which is literally labeled “MORTGAGE” on the paperwork, was secured in 2014. According to the documents the couple owes $1.875 million. That number doesn’t include the acrewing interest. It appears the loan (otherwise known as a mortgage, if you’re still catching up), is due to be paid off in June of 2044.


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The loan was given to Bill and Jennifer in installments as the build of their home progressed. Following the cease of construction, the couple had to begin paying their outstanding balance, with interest, every month. It’s a wonder to me how Jennifer can claim to understand all that and still go around saying she paid cash on her mortgage-less home. I am honestly wondering where she gets this unbridled confidence.

To make matters even more mortifying, a rep for Jennifer has confirmed that she does still owe money on her home through the construction loan. Another insider revealed that Jennifer did not have the impression that the loan was considered a mortgage. Check that, Jennifer.


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[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]