Jennifer Aydin Bought Her Son A Stripper Pole For Their Basement

Jennifer Aydin has proven to be a shining star on the Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. She knows how to let loose with a little (or a lot) of tequila. She makes hilarious digs at Melissa Gorga that are on-point every time, whether it’s shading her fake storylines or saying that Joe Gorga would make a better housewife than his own wife. Bill Aydin, is as good at being a supportive husband as he is at gossiping about boy’s night.

Jennifer has really been an integral part of Season 11 of RHONJ, even if she is a little over-the-top at times. She’s been vulnerable to show the camera some real-life family struggles. Whether it’s her parents’ relationship problems or the hilarious Olivia Aydin stomping around in heels, the Aydin household always entertains. And after her performance at the reunion, particularly her back and forth with Margaret Josephs, she’s proven that she has a lot more to offer than just being Teresa Giudice’s sidekick. And Melissa tries to say Jennifer’s the one who fakes storylines and embarrasses her family...

Ahead of part 2 of the RHONJ reunion, Jennifer told Page Six a pretty wacky story about her family that only would happen in her house. She revealed that one of her three sons asked her to get a stripper pole in her basement. “Sometimes, I just say yes. It’s like I’m on autopilot,” Jennifer said. “My kids ask me permission for everything, I have to say. They do not purchase anything without my permission.” Honestly, I’m convinced more and more that an Aydin family spinoff wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


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Jennifer continued to talk about how the family is loving having a stripper pole at home. “It came in and they set it up. And honestly, it’s a good workout,” she said. “Gabby [Aydin] had some friends over Friday night [and] Justin [Aydin] had some friends overnight, and they were all like playing around with it, twisting, doing tricks. It’s super fun. I know there’s like a stigma with it, but I think it’s really fun.”


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The whole story started with Jen talking about her sometimes wishing that cameras were filming her family 24/7. “Because there’s some shit that happens and I’m like, ‘Oh damn I wish that was on camera.” She added that if she returns to RHONJ for Season 12, Bravo might “showcase” the stripper pole in her basement. Honestly, I’m living for it. And I can already imagine Joe and Frank Catania getting drunk and trying their hand at the pole during the next boys’ night Bill hosts.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]