Kate Chastain Says It Was “Miserable” Filming With Porsha Williams And Hannah Berner For Bravo’s Chat Room

When news broke about Bravo’s Chat Room, most people didn’t know what to think. We were deep into the pandemic by then. Pretty much any content was a sight for sore eyes. Getting a talk show is the new version of “writing a book” for these camera-less Bravo stars. Maybe this was an attempt at a new normal?

The show aired late-late night, but featured mish-mash of Bravo-lebs that seemed promising. If anything, I think fans were hoping for some fourth-wall busting contentGizelle BryantPorsha Williams, Hannah Berner, and Kate Chastain co-hosted Bravo’s Chat Room. That is, until Kate left just months in. Rather than replace Kate on the virtual talk-show, the final three pushed on alone. Meanwhile, Hannah and Kate seemed to begin some off-screen dramz following Kate’s departure. Finally this show has brought us something!

Though I’m not sure Kate’s presence on Bravo’s Chat Room gave it a boost, her departure sure didn’t help things either. The show basically consisted of Porsha and Gizelle, two people fully lost in love (and life), trying to bestow wisdom onto lost-puppy Hannah. Spare us. The show seemed cheesy and cheery. A very “love and light” vibe, which these three are definitely NOT.

Kate gave the inside scoop on Bravo’s Chat Room and the co-host dynamics to Us Weekly. She said, “I didn’t really feel like explaining my reason for leaving Bravo’s Chat Room immediately after I left because I just felt like if I told the truth about why I left, people would assume I was just giving an excuse, but truth does always eventually come out.”

Kate intimated that fans were now seeing in real-time what calamity she’s been having to deal with behind the camera. She shared, “Sometimes it happens quicker than you think it’s going to. And after Summer House went through its season, I think Hannah’s character was revealed more. And then as of just as recently as last week, I think Porsha’s character has been revealed a bit more.” ICYMI Porsha is marrying a castmates very recent ex-. Meanwhile, Hannah has been literally out-casted from her Summer House pals. Both have put a bad taste in most viewer’s mouths in recent months.


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Kate continued, “… It was a miserable enough experience that I don’t even like thinking about it, but when people ask, I’m happy to be polite and obliged to answer.” She added, “[Hannah] chose for us not to be friends early into the Chat Room filming experience… Especially if they have a seasoned veteran, like, leading the way for them and coaching them through it and, you know, working with them actively.”

In March, Hannah said the exact opposite about Kate. She sang the former-stew’s praises when she said, “Kate is amazing. I look up to her in a lot of her career moves and she was the one who actually came up with whole concept for Chat Room. She was the one who recommended me to be on it because we had great chemistry and she kind of created the show. …I’m just excited to see her future and grateful that she considered me to be on Chat Room.”

Kate on the other hand is sticking with her assessment of the situation. She shared that she is still pals with at least one of her former Chat Room co-hosts. “I liked Gizelle a lot. I really do,” she said. How sweet.


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But the shade doesn’t end quite yet. Kate added, “Porsha is extremely talented, and it was really amazing to work with her because, like I said, the Housewives vibe of being on camera is very different than what I’m used to where we just forget the cameras are there and we’re the same people, cameras off or cameras on. So it was really impressive to see how talented Porsha is at when those cameras start rolling just she can switch it right on.” Oop!


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