Lisa Rinna Slams Garcelle Beauvais For Holding Grudge Against Her; Wishes Garcelle Shared Opinions To Her Face

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a lot going on this season. There was so much fall out from last, with Denise Richards leaving and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave doing us all a favor and getting fired. With that, came a cast shakeup. Sutton Stracke, previously a friend of, was promoted to a full-time housewife. Crystal Kung Minkoff was also added to the cast. Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richardsmuch more famous  sister was also added to make some appearances this season.

One person I’m thrilled to be coming back from last season is Garcelle Beauvais. I felt like last season, she really brought a realness to the cast. And she just so happened to be the only one with any sense in Denise’s corner as she was bullied off the show. 

But one of the consequences for sticking up for Denise was that Garcelle and Lisa Rinna’s relationship became fractured. If you ask me, there is no loss in Rinna not being your friend anymore. You can trust her as far as you can throw her. But they are still castmates, so they have to continue to interact.

Rinna doesn’t seem to pleased about that, as she recently told Access. When asked how her relationship is with Garcelle now, Rinna deflected, “Well, I think that you’d have to ask Garcelle because for myself, I thought we were fine after the first dinner. But, as I’m watching the episodes, I’m like ‘Oh. Maybe we’re not fine.’ Listen, I have a really good time and I have no idea that we have any beef after the first episode. So, I’m good.” Ummm didn’t Garcelle flat out tell Rinna they aren’t cool and she doesn’t trust her in episode 2? I guess Rinna has short term memory loss.


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She continued, “That’s a Garcelle question because, honey, I’ve moved on. That train has left the station, but I have a feeling maybe that a grudge is going to be held the entire season.” Rinna also added about their status, “I have no idea. I’m oblivious.”

Rinna went on to elaborate in the third person, of all things. “Garcelle [is] not trusting the Lisa Rinna here. And, you know what, that’s OK. You know what I would have loved, say that to my face. Say ‘You know what, girl, I don’t like you. I don’t trust you.’ OK.” Earth to Rinna! She did do this. Remember when she told you this and you told her you couldn’t promise her not to use things against her?

Lisa boasted, “I got plenty of friends. Alright, great. But, to find out, episode per episode? I’m like OK.” Sure, Rinna. She also sniped, “You’re gonna have to talk to her because I’ve moved on. I’m fine. Everything’s good.” Once again, sure, Rinna.


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When asked who is acting too much this season and deserves and Academy Award, Rinna didn’t hesitate and stated, “Garcelle. And what’s her tagline? Thank you. Anyway.”

Yes, anyway, Rinna. We all see you as someone who can’t be trusted and who consistently stirs the pot. And Garcelle doesn’t deserved to be dragged all because she’s the only one willing to point it out.


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