Dorit Kemsley Says She Trusts Lisa Rinna “100%” After Hesitating When Asked By Garcelle Beauvais On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Grab your diamonds and rose, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back baby. Sutton Stracke showed off her new diamond during the premiere of Season 11. Erika Jayne’s appearance was eerie as she was talking about her marriage to Tom Girardi prior to his mountain of legal issues. Kyle Richards showed off her new nose, and we finally got to meet her other sister Kathy Hilton. And Lisa Rinna is still sporting her big lips and signature spunky hairdo. Sounds about right.

The star of the premiere was Garcelle Beauvais, who’s back for a second season without Denise Richards. We saw Garcelle hold Rinna accountable for her behavior toward Denise last season, and she didn’t come to play. She drank fireball shots with Sutton and shaded Kyle by naming a basic AF goldfish after her. She’s a queen and not afraid to stir the pot, so I can’t wait to see what else she brings this season.

Dorit Kemsley was also shady toward Rinna after last year’s debacle. Garcelle asked Dorit if she trusted Lisa and Dorit hesitated, but her facial expression was very telling. When the whole RHOBH crew joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Andy did NOT hesitate to ask Dorit her feelings about Rinna. “What percentage of you actually trusts Lisa Rinna?” Andy asked.

“100%” Dorit quickly responded, which seemed to please Rinna. But do you though? We know Rinna and Dorit’s hubby PK Kemsley are on good terms when it comes to trolling Lisa Vanderpump, but Dorit and Rinna are another story.


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Remember when Rinna accused Dorit’s guests of doing coke in her bathroom? With Dorit’s new bridal gowns and Rinna’s new beauty line, they’re probably playing nice so they can guarantee support from one another’s businesses. Or maybe Dorit’s trying to start fresh this year, because we know the last thing she wants is a pantygate 2.0 on her hands.

Honestly, after Rinna’s total betrayal of Denise last year when it came to the Brandi Glanville rumors, I don’t know if I’d trust Rinna. She’s very obviously been trying to be the queen of RHOBH since the early days. And doesn’t care if it ruins her decades-long friendships along the way. Maybe hanging out with all these Kardashians is going to her head. But, thankfully, Garcelle is there to actually make her own it for once. Maybe she’ll get her to finally talk about the husband.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]