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Candiace Dillard Says Ashley Darby Gets Less Criticism Because She’s “Light-Skinned”

Praise the Bravo gods — the Real Housewives of Potomac are returning to our TV screens in less than a month. And that means if you’re still somehow sleeping on Potomac, you have a handful of weeks to get caught up and stop looking like a clown. Following last year’s dark season, mainly due to the fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard, the ladies are ready to come back and bring the drama, as always. We know Gizelle Bryant and Wendy Osefo will have quite the feud regarding side-baby rumors about Eddie Osefo. Grand Dame Karen Huger will be back to make outrageous one-liners and always trash Gizelle Bryant. And newbie (and Karen’s new sidekick) Mia Thornton gets into a food fight with Candeegal according to the trailer, which I just can’t wait to see.

Candiace has had her fair share of issues with ladies in the past, particularly Ashley Darby. The new mom-of-two set Candeegal off when she wrote a character statement as part of Moni’s trial. Even before the fight heard around the world, Candiace and Ashley have gotten into serious arguments that may or may not have involved a butter knife. And after the explosive reunion last year, it seems as though they’re not exactly destined to get off on the right foot for Season 6. At least Candiace doesn’t have to worry about Monique snatching her wig on camera anymore. 

And we know Candiace loves to speak her mind, particularly on social media. And she recently had some choice words for how the public views her and Ashley. According to The Jasmine Brandan Instagram account @alltruetea posted a 15-minute throwback reel of the best RHOP moments. And, of course, it includes the butter knife incident.

One fan made a comment about Ashley and Candiace’s behavior. “This reel shows how reckless Ashley’s mouth has been and still is. Yet Candiace was the villain and ganged up on by so many fans. It’s crazy how Ashley was in my opinion worse but people want to ignore that. I wonder why????,” they wrote. Candiace responded in the comments to give her own hypothesis about the situation. “Because she’s light skinned,” Candee wrote. “There. It was said. I said it. Now, let’s see how fast it gets around.”


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After the comment was made, Candiace took to Twitter (the medium she truly thrives the most on) to explain her experience as being a dark-skinned woman on television. She particularly pointed out that since she joined the show, she has always spoken about racism and colorism “because it has always has been a part of [her] everyday life as a brown skinned woman of color.” Candiace says she receives “an incredible amount” of hate from the general public. “Expressions of discomfort — anger, even, that I was discussing race,” she continued.

Candiace went on to say she’s glad that conversations surrounding race and colorism are becoming more mainstream. “but the experience was just very telling,” she continued. “How much vitriol I received for simply speaking on being a Black woman in this country or speaking on colorism and the privileges afforded to those of fairer skin.”


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