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Candiace Dillard Says It’s “Sad And Pathetic” For Porsha Williams To Get Involved With Monique Samuels Drama

During these trying times, we take what we can get and what we are getting is more Candiace Dillard. Real Housewives of Potomac had an explosive season and part of it was due to Candiace’s award-winning performance as the “before” photo of an Oprah makeover. I would like to remind the class to keep your hands to yourself because sometimes folks who talk the talk don’t want to walk the walk.

Candiace’s trip to the wild side with Monique “Please Do” Samuels gave the show a boost. This particular #physicalaltercationbybravo garnered so much attention, LOTS of people weighed in, including other Housewives. Enter Porsha “I Wish A Bitch Would” Williams, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and friend to Monique. Porsha implied Candy sued Mo for a money grab. Candiace responded (because she was 600 miles away), but apparently didn’t get it all out. Now Candy has something else to say to Porsha – Chris Bassett, come get your wife.

Candiace doesn’t poke the bear. She likes to step on it, drive over it, and scream in it’s ear. But don’t get it twisted, she does NOT provoke people. This fight is Candiace’s main claim to fame, and to be honest, she hasn’t really had memorable moments on RHOP. Unless you enjoy a 15 minute version of Happy Birthday that includes what can only be described as vocal exercises. So I understand why we are still talking about a fight that we should have left in 2020.

Candiace did a new interview and still has a bone to pick with Porsha. TheRealityTVSource shared the clips on Instagram. The interviewer seemed perplexed at Porsha’s involvement and Candiace agreed. “You are not in Potomac, you are in Atlanta. That’s the bottom line,” Candiace said. Where is the Bravo Smack Talking Policies and Procedures Handbook? If you choose to be on reality television, you don’t get to decide who talks about you – and THAT is the bottom line.


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Candiace continued, “I have a lot of opinions about Housewives. If you are part of this franchise, you are or were at one time a viewer or fan of the show. We are in a league of our own and I respect and love the club that we are in. I am not paid in the name of Jesus to comment on anyone else’s sagas or dramas.” On the bright side, when Candiace called Phaedra Parks’ now ex-husband Apollo Nida, “a little gay” because he’s “so awkward”, she did it free of charge.

“I’m gonna stick with the rivers and lakes that I know and Porsha, she should do the same,” Candiace added. Totally! Jesus might not be paying Candy to chime in on anyone else’s business, but Bravo is paying Porsha to do exactly that. On a little chat room show that DISCUSSES BRAVO PROGRAMMING. Candiace was not finished. “FURTHERMORE (here it comes), I have no problem with Porsha defending her ‘friend’, but when you tell flat out lies, fairy tales, it’s time for me to step in.” At a safe distance, several states away.


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Candiace spoke on Porsha’s work with the Black Lives Matter movement, praising her until… “It’s really just sad and pathetic to see her getting involved this way because she’s lying. Don’t lie on me.” Is it sad and pathetic to refer to a Black woman as a “hoodrat”, “ghetto”, or “your kind“? Candiace ended with some words of wisdom. “Mind the business that pays you. Say what you need to say.” Until you get popped in the face for it? “If your job is to dust up fodder for tv, don’t lie, tell the truth.” Who can inform Candiace she’s on reality television and dusting up fodder for tv is literally her job description?

Porsha has yet to comment. Now that Monique is gone, perhaps Porsha realizes responding would grant Candiace more reason to continue beating the fully dead horse. We’re all exhausted discussing this fight and ready to move forward. Even the square tissue has requested to be removed from this narrative.


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