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Southern Charm Villain Ashley Jacobs Got Secretly Married; Announces Pregnancy

While there has been plenty of questionable characters throughout the seven seasons of Southern Charm, no one tops the most hated list than Ashley Jacobs. Ashley was a villain from the start. She was in a messy relationship with Thomas Ravenel, but really has TRav ever had a normal, healthy relationship? She attacked his ex and baby mama Kathryn Dennis, bringing the fandom together to back Kathryn from her pure vitriol. At least, before she made us question her behavior again.

Ashley has tried time and time again to redeem herself, but she always finds a way to show her evil side. It’s not a total surprise that Shep Rose considers Ashley the only Southern Charm cast member, old and current, to have no redeeming qualities. Which again, questionable considering the cast’s track record. But I don’t blame everyone for telling her to pack her bags and go back to Santa Barbara. Like, she made fun of Craig Conover’s sewing. That’s a mortal sin in my book.

Ashley and TRav called it quits in 2018. She rebounded pretty quickly, which may or may not have been a dig at Thomas. But now she’s apparently a married woman with a baby on the way, People reports. Yes, the one who called Kathryn an “egg donor” and threw a series of low blows about her children. Let’s hope she’s matured a bit by now that’s she’s going to be a mother of her own.

Ashley and her new husband Mike Appel got engaged in March 2021 and recently tied in the knot in a private, intimate wedding ceremony. It goes without saying that no Southern Charmers were on the guest list, but I can’t confirm.


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The pair are also expecting a baby boy in August, with Ashley’s due date landing on the same day they met two years ago. What a coincidence, or act of witchcraft in Ashley’s case. “It’s wild how the universe works,” the couple said in a statement to People. 

I can never totally hate on anyone who is happily having a baby, so congrats to Ashley and Mike. But this has definitely solidified that Ashley will never return to Charleston for 15-more-minutes of fame. Or make a surprise appearance on the new Summer House/Southern Charm spinoff, so it’s a win for her, the cast and every viewer of Southern Charm.


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