Karen Huger Is “Hopeful” She Can Get To Better Place With Gizelle Bryant; Says She Will Keep Gizelle At “Arm’s Length”

It’s clear from the premiere of the Real Housewives of Potomac that Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger’s relationship has some irreparable damage. From screaming about WAP boxes vs. drop boxes and Ray Huger’s “broken” penis, these two obvious are not over their bombshell feud at the reunion last year. And while I love watching the Grand Dame and Gizzy argue as much as the next fan (especially if there’s a mime involved), they have to resolve some of their issues so they can at least be in the same room as one another.

And while Robyn Dixon is always there to back up her fellow green-eyed bandit, La Dame finally got a sidekick of her own with Mia Thornton. And it’s not surprising to hear that Gizzy and Mia had a rocky start considering that Karen is in her ear. But Gizelle and Karen have a lot of history, and even Ray aka Uncle Ben wants to see them reunite. Maybe now that Karen won’t be able to make fun of Jamal Bryant who lives in the phone, they might have a chance.

Karen recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight to dish on the new season of RHOP, and talk about where her friendship lies with Gizelle, or as she likes to call her, Gizz or Gizzy. BTW, Karen admitted that she’s never asked Gizelle permission to use those nicknames, but La Dame tends to do and say what she wants. “I’m so proud of each and every one of my friends on this show and it also takes the drama from people like Gizz to do what she does without any conscience,” she said. “Well, I hope for Gizz. We gotta hope.” The Grand Dame will NEVER miss an opportunity to throw shade at Gizelle.

Recently, Gizelle mentioned to the press that her relationship with Karen is “good” after wrapping Season 6. But the Grand Dame has a different opinion. “Listen, I’m all for people making authentic efforts to better themselves and be a good friend. I’m all for that,” she said. “I’m just very wise. So, that has to be proven to me. But I’m hopeful that it’s real this time and that we can get on to a better place. So I’m always open. But honey, I got a third eye on Gizz. At all times.”


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I get where Karen’s coming from, but she’s also made plenty of statements about Gizelle’s family, her businesses and everything in between. They need to have a mutual understanding that they’re frenemies for life, and the shade-throwing that comes with it.

Karen added that she’s keeping Gizelle at arm’s length until she proves she can be trusted, whatever that means. “We’re alright for now,” she said. “I’m on pause and on ready, honey, at all times for your ‘alright for now’ not to be genuine. Am I wasting my time with that? No. I had a ball with all of the other ladies. We grew fantastically close. I love each and every one of them.” OK I’m going to need Ashley Darby to chime in and speak the truth about whether or not Karen is really buddy-buddy with all of her RHOP co-stars. And has Karen really gotten over Robyn dressing up as a pizza guy to spy on her house? My bet is no.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]