D’Andra Simmons Seemingly Confirms That She And Tiffany Moon Will Be Back For Season 6 Of RHOD

Is it safe to say that the Real Housewives of Dallas is finally getting into the groove? Season 5 of Dallas covered every style of hot mess available. Mother-daughter drama, the pandemic, cheating rumors, on and on. That said, the real contention didn’t come out until filming had wrapped. Let’s not forget how this cast dragged LeeAnne Locken into things with mere minutes left at the reunion. That’s called a franchise Hail Mary, folks.

Then there was Kameron Westcott getting her husband and brother-in-law into the post-air Twitter drama! Never thought I’d see Miss Priss stoop to RHONJ levels, but here we are.

The cast dynamic between Brandi Redmond and Dr. Tiffany Moon last season was already tough to stomach. It’s still a wonder why Kam got into it with Tiffany after filming had wrapped. Besides the obvious problematic opinions Kam and her in-laws keep, putting them out for the world to see was next level ignorant.

After short and shart Court Westcott and Chart Westcott teamed up like two kids in a trench coat to go after Dr. Tiffany on social media, things went left. Tiffany switched her social media bio to read “former” cast member of RHOD. Tiffany later denied quitting the show. Bravo seemed to back her, too, by putting out a statement of AAPI support. But really, is Tiffany coming back? Inquiring minds need to know.

Though fans of RHOD are still waiting for final contract announcements, it seems we may have a low-key update to report.@therealhousewivesfranchise on Instagram caught a since-deleted comment made by D’Andra Simmons on Twitter. It all started when a fan tweeted a photo of D’Andra and Tiffany together with a caption that read, “Missing these Queens. Manifesting their season 6 returns.”


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In the deleted response D’Andra replied, “We’ll be back soon!!” Um. I’m only guessing here, but methinks that reply got deleted once Bravo caught wind D’Andra was letting season 6 secrets slip. Which could mean there’s some truth to her comment…

The Instagram account seemed to agree. The caption for the screen-shot reveal read, “RHODD’Andra Simmons seemingly confirms on Twitter that herself and Tiffany Moon will be returning to RHOD ahead of a drastic shake-up, where three cast members are reportedly not returning for season 6.”

So who are the three Housewives we will say goodbye to? So far we know Brandi is out. Does that mean she’s taking Stephanie Hollman with her? I can’t wait to see how this turns out.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]