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Fans Wonder If Jennifer Aydin Is Being Iced Out From Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It’s always been a wonder to me what goes on behind closed doors in Jersey. The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise has always rested on the fact that blood is thicker than water. We’ve seen how family loyalty can trump almost any outright mistreatment. But what happens when the outside friendships start to erode the family ties?

The last few seasons we’ve seen Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice try to manage their “sister-act” alongside Teresa’s growing friendship with Jennifer Aydin. In the final reunion episode of season 11 it seemed new lines had been drawn. There was Melissa, Jackie Goldschneider, and Margaret Josephs on one side. The other side sat Teresa, Jennifer, and Dolores Catania. Yet there was no clear rift between Tre and Melissa in any of this.

As fans await news for what season 12 will hold, we do know that Melissa has been seen filming with two new blondes. One of whom is Traci Johnson. That makes for 4-5 on team Melissa and still only 3 on team Teresa. Yes. I’m operating under the assumption that Teresa’s dynamics and competition with her SIL create the basis of every single season. Don’t we all by now?

In a recently shared photo of the RHONJ cast, it’s been noted that Jennifer is missing once again. Fans have been quick to call out Jennifer’s absence from casting events throughout the off season. Is this recent photo just another sign that she has been squeezed out of the group? Did Tre have to drop her new pal when her alliance numbers didn’t add up?

In the tweet made by @JaysRealityBlog the cast shown includes JackieMargaretMelissa, DoloresTeresa, and Traci from left to right. The tweet reads, “Who’s ready for season 12.” Apparently not Jennifer!


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Fans rushed to the tweet saying things like, “Only if Jen Aydin is at the rest of the group events” with a crying face emoji. Another said, “Seems like they’re icing Jen out? Which doesn’t make sense. She’s not my fav but she brings it more than anyone on this cast besides Teresa.” Someone else agreed and replied with, “For real. Jen brings it every season and earns her check. What does Melissa do?” I think we are all still wondering about that.

The general tone of having a love/hate with Jennifer continued from there. I think most can agree that while Jennifer is a top-tier train wreck, she also makes the show worth watching. Other not-fans mentioned, “I don’t like Jen but I don’t mind her on the show…I think I would miss her and her nice husband. Where is she?!” Someone else said, “Where is Jen? I hope Bravo knows that she keeps the show going! They would be stupid to let her go!”


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Bravo seems to be making all sorts of rogue casting decisions lately. Is that part of the panic in seeing Jennifer missing from cast photos? Jen, if you’re out there, please make a drunken Instagram live to set the record straight on season 12! It’s what the people need!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]