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Real Housewives Fans Shocked To See Teresa Giudice And Jackie Goldschneider Hanging Out

At the beginning of Season 11 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, it seemed as though Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider would never be friends. Let’s get this straight — Jackie started as a fan, while Tre is the queen B of RHONJ. And Jackie was coming for her, and we all know what can happen when you try to go against Teresa and her four dorters. The analogy heard around the world was seemingly the nail in the coffin. But then, shockingly, Tre showed some growth. Just a little, but a lot for her.

By the RHONJ reunion, the two made up and even made plans to go on a double date. Yes, Evan Goldschneider was opening to hanging with the woman who spread rumors about him cheating on Jackie. That takes being a bigger person, and Tre looks like she may actually be learning a thing or two about accountability. Hell has frozen over.

And in an internet-breaking moment over the weekend, the two made their reconciliation Instagram official. Both women posted a photo with each other playing tennis. Tre wrote, “Baby got back hand” under her photo while Jackie captioned hers “Bad bitches play tennis.” So despite all of the bad blood throughout Jackie’s time on RHONJ, they actually seem to be making strides. And fans in both their comment sections were in disbelief. “I’m so confused.” “I’m shook.” “OMG WHAT.” “This is SHOCKING lol.” And those are just a handful of reactions.

And the photo begs the question that if Jackie and Tre make up, how is that going to play out in Season 12? We know filming is underway and the core group of ladies appear to be making a return. And even though Jackie and Tre are cool now, Jennifer Aydin has quite a lot of work to do in her friend group. Her contentious feuds with Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga reached a record-breaking low. And if Tre and Jackie team up, who will be there to encourage Jen to stir the pot at group gatherings? Definitely not Dolores Catania.


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And fans in the comments seemed to agree. “Please don’t turn against Jennifer,” a viewer commented to Teresa. While other die-hard Tre Huggers (who remember Jackie’s behavior last season) continued to slam her. “Teresa always has time for her fans,” one viewer wrote. “Tre is just so charitable, huh?” said another. BLOOP. Tre Huggers are a lot of things, especially being skillful shade-throwers. 


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While some people were not fans of the duo posting a photo, with some even calling it the “fakest post ever,” others were happy to see the two make-up. “So happy to see you two together,” one fan wrote. “If this can happen, then there is hope for Israel and Palestine,” said another. To be fair, Jackie definitely received more positive reactions to this post than when she hung out with Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd in the Hamptons. But that’s pretttty self-explanatory considering the FIRED Real Housewives of Orange County star’s track record.


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