Jennifer Aydin Teases New Nose On Instagram

I wasn’t terribly enamored with Jennifer Aydin her first season on Real Housewives of New Jersey. I thought Teresa Giudice had enough people sucking up to her and didn’t really care about Jennifer’s house, her 86 bathrooms, or her curious lack of area rugs. As time went on, I developed a tolerance of Jen based on the raw exchanges she has with her family and her unrelenting disdain for Melissa Gorga.

Jen’s husband is Bill Aydin. The man, the myth, Tony the Turk himself, has endeared himself to viewers with his reasonable approach to life, support of his wife, and friendship with the other husbands. But Bill is also a successful plastic surgeon and utilized his skills on Jennifer when she underwent a tummy tuck. Now Jen teases a “new look” on Instagram and fans wonder if Tony the Turk took his wife back under the knife.

If you have beady eyes that need widening and want them fixed, go for it. If having four kids left your mid-section a mess and it bothers you, get that Mommy Makeover. And if you’ve ever felt some type of way about your nose or suffer from the dreaded “deviated septum” so many celebrities seem to be afflicted with, there is nothing wrong with a little nasal adjustment.

Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t hand out free money to get a face lift and updating your body parts costs a lot of dough. Lucky for Jen her man provides a nice house, food on the table, and talent with a scalpel. Jennifer is also pretty honest about her nips and tucks, which is great because if Bill does excellent work on her, she has a huge platform to advertise his expertise. It looks like Jen might have taken advantage of someone’s skills or she could have walked into a wall.

All About the Real Housewives on Instagram shared screenshots of Jen hinting at a little something something going on under her mask. Jennifer posted a photo of with some bandages on her nose with the caption, “Notice anything different about me?” She then revealed her stunning new… lashes? Okay, sure, long lashes are a thing. Are we not addressing the band-aid in the middle of her face though? Apparently not because after plugging the lash guru, Jen asked, “Who says I don’t share anything?” followed by multiple amused emoticons.


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Also included were comments from fans not pleased Jennifer may or may not have altered her look. In the first slide, there is a side-by-side pic of what I assume is Jen’s old nose and her ALLEGED new and improved nose. Despite my 20/20 vision and shallow ability to spot a flaw at 200 feet, I’m unable to discern between Nose 1 and Nose 2. So maybe Jennifer did get up close and personal with the kitchen door or she had one of those “subtle” procedures.

One of Jen’s followers went full sadistic and said, “Your old nose was a part of we’re [sic] ur from it gave ur face character. Now u look like Melissa.” Holy shit lady, what did Jen do to hurt you? Plastic surgery is a personal choice and if it will make you feel better, more confident, or fix a damaged situation, it’s not a bad option to consider. Do people often overdo it? Yes. But in Jen’s case, I doubt Tony the Turk wants her running around looking like a Picasso, so let’s assume all is well. On the bright side, now Jen and Melissa will finally have something to discuss besides what cheese is the most aerodynamic when at the dinner table.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]