Scheana Shay Got A Prenup Before Brock Davies Proposed To Her

After eight seasons, those left on Vanderpump Rules are finally doing the adulting thing for real. And yes, it’s more than just being able to use the microwave and the air conditioning at the same time. Half of the cast (and half of the fired former stars) are new parents. James Kennedy, once a messy and crass DJ, finally popped the question to Raquel Leviss and I’m ROOTING for them. And even Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix FINALLY got furniture in their house. The only thing that’s the same is Jax Taylor’s narcissism, but the cameras won’t be around this time to film that.

The OG Pumper Scheana Marie is also going through plenty of transformations. She’s kissed a lot of frogs (and losers who are only good for mounting TVs) before finding her prince, Brock Davies. The couple has been together through the thick of it — from dealing with a miscarriage last year, to the COVID-19 pandemic, to finally giving birth to their first child. It wasn’t an easy pregnancy for Scheana, but their adorable little baby Summer Moon Honey Davies is a perfect peach. And I’m sure once she’s a little older, she’ll rock a high pony and crop top just like her mama. Good as gold.

Scheana Shay recently celebrated some even more good news — Brock finally proposed to her. She’s getting married (again). And according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, ScheShu recently spoke on her Scheananigans podcast about an unusual decision to get a prenup PRIOR to the engagement. Gotta respect a girl who knows her worth.

She began by talking about what led to Brock getting down on one knee, which has been expected since she got pregnant. “We’ve talked about this for a while now — and especially since we got pregnant and especially after we had a bassinet that said ‘Baby Shay’ for five days in the hospital with a baby girl whose name is not ‘Baby Shay.” We definitely knew we wanted to make it official sooner rather than later,” Scheana said.

Scheana changed her tune from when she was asked about marriage back in March, prior to her baby’s birth. She said they weren’t in a rush, but things obviously changed. And because it was all happening for Scheana, she started the process by doing a prenup.  “We did that because this time around [versus my first marriage to Mike Shay], as much as I think we’re going to live happily ever after, I just want to be smart about it.” That’s called GROWTH ladies and gentlemen.


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People reports that this is Scheana’s first time doing a prenup. After the couple signed on the dotted line of the prenup, Brock hopped straight into the proposal. Brock first surprised Scheana with a heartfelt love letter. “We walk in, we sit down at my kitchen island and he gives me this beautifully printed, typed-out letter,” she said. “I’m not even three words in and I’m bawling. It was like our whole love story.” Then Brock apparently pulled out some “f–king wizard magician” skills to bend down and pull out a huge bouquet of flowers.

Brock is seemingly a jokester and did a few fake-out moments before asking the big question. He took a knee and instead of presenting a ring at first, he picked up their’s cat’s water bowl to refill. And then he lead her out to the balcony where he finally asked her to marry him. Apparently, Brock was also crying all week about the engagement as well. We love a man in touch with his emotions.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]