Mia Thornton Reveals Who Surprised Her The Most On Real Housewives Of Potomac

Season Six of the Real Housewives of Potomac is here, and I am living for it. The toxic environment that resulted from Monique Samuels dragging Candiace Dillard by the wig cast a dark cloud over last season. Monique peaced out ahead of Season 6.

Wendy Osefo, who joined RHOP during Season 5, boasts an impressive resume. She has a PhD. Wendy is married to Eddie Osefo, and they have three kids. But all might not be well in Wendy’s world. There was an unconfirmed report that Eddie has a mistress and a secret baby.

Wendy wasn’t happy that Gizelle Bryant discussed this rumor. Wendy called Gizelle’s attacks on her marriage “premeditated.” Gizelle responded that the rumor was already living on the internet, so she didn’t do anything wrong.

In March of 2021, it was announced that Mia Thornton was joining the franchise. It seems that The Grand Dame Karen Huger is Mia’s new bestie. “Karen [Huger] and I, we hit it off immediately because she’s living in that space with her La Dame, and she gets it,” Mia said.

Mia hinted about having problems with some of her fellow Housewives. “I would probably say the most heated moment was with Wendy[Osefo] and Candiace [Dillard],” she said.
During the Season 6 premiere episode, Mia and Karen went to Wendy’s “Nude Interlude” party together. Wendy had a boob job and some other enhancements, and the ladies were there to celebrate the reveal of her ample new assets.

Wendy told Mia that it is obvious that she has had work done, too. Shady! Mia happily recited a very long list of her procedures. Mia also told the group that her husband is 38 years older than she is, but she doesn’t appear to know her own age. Wow!


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According to Reality Blurb!, Mia, Karen, and Ashley Darby chatted about the upcoming season on the RHOP Girl Summer Instagram Live hosted by Bravo TV. When Mia was asked to name something “unexpected” about her experience filming, she addressed how quickly drama would pop off.

Mia replied, “Oh, gosh! So, there’s so many things. But I think the number one thing was we just would sit down, and we’d go from moments where we’re so happy, and then all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Okay, we’re doing this right now?'” the newbie commented. “That I had to get used to.”

Mia had a rough time adjusting to filming the show. She stated, “I will you tell that two week into filming I was like, ‘Oh [sh*t]! What have I signed up for?’ I was pacing, like, let me put on my big girl panties here and give these girls a run for their money.”

So, who surprised Mia the most? “I would have to say Wendy. It was challenging because I had only seen her doing her news and commentating on the television screen, and of course last season I had a chance to see her,” Mia explained.


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“And there’s been a couple of months that have gone by, so there’s been some changes. We’re not going to say too much because we’re gonna talk about it,” she added.

When the mother of three was asked who actually lived up to her expectations, she didn’t hesitate to diss one cast member. “Well all the ladies really, with the exception of that one that was just a little bit different,” Mia remarked.


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