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Shannon Beador Filed “Emergency” Court Papers To Get David Beador To Allow Her Kids To Film Real Housewives Of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County is in the midst of filming Season 16, and these days, no one is safe (as far as casting is concerned). Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas didn’t survive the much-needed cast shakeup after Season 15. Bravo pulled out the big guns, bringing Heather Dubrow back to set everyone straight and narrow. And even Tamra Judge is teasing a return, meaning that Shannon Beador will be PARTICULARLY unhappy now that she’s not the pseudo-Queen B of RHOC anymore (even though she never really was).

I was surprised that Bravo even decided to keep Shannon on RHOC, but it’s probably because she always finds herself in a feud with someone. There have long been rumors, many perpetuated by Vicki Gunvalson and Tammy Sue, that Shannon is far from easy to work with behind-the-scenes. She has a tendency to be pretty self-centered and try to deny her messy behavior. And after her reconciliation with Kelly last season, it begged the question of what Shannon’s true motives are (clearly to find any way to keep her job on TV).

In a recent report from OK MagazineShannon is apparently headed back into court with her ex-husband David Beador regarding the show. David and Shannon’s divorce was anything but easy. And he wasted no time getting remarried and having a baby with Lesley Beador, whom Shannon claims she never met. Shannon says David has no interest in co-parenting with her, which I could definitely believe. But let’s also remember that Shannon didn’t know you had to pay a water bill, so it’s clear she needs to figure out how to be somewhat independent. Instead, she’s arguing with Lesley about a baby gift that caused David to threaten to sue his ex-wife. And to think just a few years ago Shannon and David were seriously concerned about the Dubrows “bringing them down.” As if they were ever on the same level in the first place.

This time around, Shannon filed an “emergency” order to ask that her two youngest daughters be allowed to continue filming on RHOC. Sophie, the oldest, is not a minor, so David doesn’t have to sign off on her appearances. However, he’s apparently done having their kids appear on TV for a storyline, and she’s nothing short of scrambling to figure out what to do. And how to not lose her job.

Shannon stated in the documents that she’s been asked back for Season 16, but production has requested to film Shannon and her three daughters in their home. “The filming of the Show is my primary career and is part of and supportive of my primary income source, for which I use said income to care for my children,” the documents read. “If my children do not film the show, I will be in violation of my contract and will lose my job.” Like I said, no one’s safe these days on RHOC. Let’s remember that Elizabeth claims to have received a contract a week before it was announced she was fired. Shannon’s obviously feeling the heat.


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Additionally, an executive producer of RHOC wrote a letter saying that if Shannon’s kids can’t film, she wouldn’t satisfy her agreement with the show and would have to be let go. Dun dun dun.

To no surprise, David filed an opposition noting that he wants to “protect” his “new family” (aka Lesley and the baby) from being exposed to a reality TV show. “My current wife also has two other children of her own that do not need to have their mother exposed to possible disparaging comments made about our family on national television,” David stated in the documents. However, he is open to the idea if no negative comments are made about himself and his wife on the show, which will clearly not be easy for Shannon to abide by.

David’s documents insinuate that the proposed limitations didn’t fly with Shannon (told you) as she intends on referencing her ex and his new family on the show. “This is absolutely not acceptable to me,” David said. Let’s remember Shannon filed this as an EMERGENCY ORDER in court. Like, let’s get real — this is far from an emergency. Don’t you have some lemons to put in a bowl somewhere or something?


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