Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador Is Suing Facebook Over Alleged Diet Pill Scam And Illegal Use Of Her Image

Shannon STORMS Beador is no stranger to courtrooms or controversy. The returning Real Housewives of Orange County star is mocked on a regular basis for overreacting to situations most humans would stop processing after blinking twice. But Shannon is a certified worrier and tends to… hold onto things. Hopefully Heather Dubrow remembers this little detail and doesn’t ask Shannon to leave her home at any point in the near future.

Shannon is also a bit of a health nut. She relies on New Age medicine and enjoys a crystal or two being buried beneath the foundation of her homes so the wood fairies will bless her with clear chakras and men who don’t cheat. Shannon uses these basic principles when deciding how to make money and what products to endorse but that doesn’t stop other companies from illegally using her image. Now Shan is worried about social media platforms allowing ads she didn’t clear on products she doesn’t want her name attached to. Mark Zuckerberg better lawyer up and watch out because Shannon finished off Jim Bellino and she’s coming for Facebook.

I’m gonna have to say Shannon has a valid point. Allow me to repeat, Shannon could be right in this dilemma. Here’s the situation, Facebook and Instagram have an over-abundance of advertisements. Some are legitimate and some are spam, and some are illegal because they use photos of famous people to push products without receiving approval. Apparently this is happening to Shannon and she wants you to know, YOU WILL ALL SEE THE TRUTH.

According to Page Six, Shan is reportedly suing Facebook after third-party companies used her name and likeness to promote their diet pill brands. The ads show photos of Shannon before and after her weight loss and claim it is the magical work of the diet method they are selling. She’s suing for an undisclosed amount of damages and wants a court order stating the companies won’t wrongfully use her name and likeness to push their pills again. Legal docs state Shannon feels these ads “undermine her career, sully her good name, and make it harder for her to endorse brands she actually likes”. I’m no lawyer, but I would think it’s on Shannon to prove damages (lost jobs, etc.) relating directly to the non-sanctioned advertisements in order to win the case.


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Shannon, like many of us, has had a hell of a time with her weight and she’s not trying to play around with fake diet pills. She said, “I’ve had an internal roller coaster of a weight issue. I’d lose a bunch of weight and then I’d say, ‘OK, now I’m going to eat what I want because I’m tired of starving myself.’ I don’t want to deprive myself anymore.” The last thing we need is Shannon depriving herself, throwing plates, throwing fits, and the fallout viewers suffer during the RHOC season.

Shannon’s suit also claims the whole damn operation is a big scam and not good for anyone. So basically Shan is now the Norma Rae of Facebook and is going to save us all from Zuckerberg allowing ratchet businesses to scam celebrities so they can also scam consumers. Shannon gets a lot for flack for being, well, flighty and kind of emotional, but she has an excellent point in this situation. Shannon’s rep declined to comment and a Facebook spokesperson could not be reached. Archie Beador did release a statement and would like everyone to know he is not involved in this case and remains a very good boy.


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