Gizelle Bryant Says That She Wasn’t Being “Malicious” By Discussing The Cheating Rumors About Wendy Osefo’s Husband Eddie Osefo

Well, the Real Housewives of Potomac’s girls’ trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, was certainly eventful. The streets of Potomac are screaming that Eddie Osefo allegedly has a mistress and a baby on the side. Ashley Darby journeyed to Williamsburg after giving birth to take RHOP co-star Wendy Osefo aside and discuss the cheating rumors.

Of course, that was after Ashley chatted about it with green-eyed bandit Gizelle Bryant. It was ironic that the woman with the worst husband, Michael Darby, was doling out advice. Wendy was in no mood to hear any information that implied Eddie was a cheater.

Wendy charged back in the house and told Gizelle that no one was going to sully her husband’s good name. Later, when the professor gave a speech about not needing anything at all from Gizelle, Grand Dame Karen Huger was snapping her fingers and praising Wendy for speaking her truth.

Karen is besties with Wendy this season, and Karen won’t listen to any of the rumors because she has her friend’s back. Well, for now at least.

Wendy dissed Gizelle on Twitter. She posted a video clip from RHOP that showed Gizelle relaying the Eddie rumor to a shocked Ashley, then Wendy ordering Gizelle not to mention Eddie’s name. Wendy tweeted, “We all saw you @GizelleBryant bring up the false rumors in this scene. You were so PRESSED to make sure it made air, you said it AGAIN,” she stated. “You just have a history of attacking marriages!”


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Wendy recently talked about whether or not the cheating claims affected her marriage. “We just celebrated 10 years of marriage. It’s a lie, so we were not affected,” she shared. Wendy certainly seemed affected in Williamsburg. Gizelle claimed that she and Wendy discussed the cheating allegations over the phone before filming started.

Ashley doesn’t believe that Gizelle was being “malicious.” And Gizelle doesn’t think that she did anything wrong by sharing the whispers, because it was already alive on the internet. Ashley and Gizelle are always messy, and I am here for it.

Gizelle recently appeared on We Should Talk and dished on her relationship with Wendy. “There was absolutely nothing malicious about the conversation with me and Ashley [Darby] about her husband. There was nothing malicious done, but that’s the only way she took it. That has to do with her, and I kind of feel like she’s always obviously had a problem with me — I just didn’t know it!” Gizelle stated. “There’s no way that you can be that angry at somebody for really, kind of, nothing — and still be that way.” It’s obvious that Wendy feels betrayed by Gizelle.


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Gizelle continued, “We’ll see this play out for the entire season, which is very sad because it really didn’t have to — well, sad but good, since we’re doing a television show here — but as a friend off the show, it’s kinda like, ‘Wow, you’ve really shown me who you are, and it’s totally different from the woman that I met last year.’” Gizelle and Robyn Dixon have made it clear that they feel like Wendy is another person since she got her new breasts and new butt.

“To be honest with you, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I don’t have much invested in Wendy. I don’t need to fix it. It’s just kind of like, ‘Whatever,’” Gizelle remarked. Well, damn!


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