Ashley Darby Agrees With Gizelle Bryant That Wendy Osefo Is “A Different Person;” Ashley Doesn’t Think Gizelle Brought Up Rumors About Eddie Osefo To Be Malicious

The Real Housewives of Potomac, as always, is the moment. The current season just proves that the show gets better and better every year. Newbie Mia Thornton is fitting right into the messy (spring) mix. And while Gizelle Bryant always has her hand in the drama, the most dramatic moments are surrounding Wendy Osefo. 

Zen Wen is having her second season glow up. She has “happy” and “ness” in her life. She’s juggling her various careers. And she still has time to school Gizelle and Robyn Dixon when they try to body-shame her and bring up rumors about her marriage. Class with Dr. Wendy is in session, take notes.

On the cast trip to Williamsburg, Ashley Darby made a point to show up for one day so she could drink a few Coronas and stir the pot, as always. She brought up the rumors about Eddie Osefo having a side baby that set Whiskey Wendy off. Then she “took her milk and got the f*ck out,” in Candiace Dillard’s terms, after setting off the bomb.

While the ladies are clearly split over the Wendy of it all, Ashley is doubling down with the green-eyed bandits that Wendy has not only made physical changes but adjusted her personality as well. In an interview with Entertainment TonightAshley tries to defend her actions, claiming she’s “not a drama starter.” OK hunny, and Michael Darby is the most faithful and loving husband of all time. Mrs. Darby’s delusions are showing. “I just ask the questions that nobody likes, no one wants to hear,” she added. “I was not coming from a messy place this time.”


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Ashley then gave her perspective on the new and improved Zen Wen, calling her a “different person.” “Not just physically. She is carrying herself differently. Her choice of conversation and dialogue is different,” Ashley said. “Maybe if we had a better relationship with her, that would be different. But because she came into this group so strong and so firm in who she was, to all of the sudden just be so different.” Ashley added that the changes aren’t in a bad way, even though Wendy is receiving it that way.

Mrs. Darby apparently laid it all out there so Wendy wouldn’t think she was being a fake friend. Even though every time Gizelle attacks a marriage that isn’t her own, it seems to be the fakest move on the show.

And Ashley, who’s had her own issues with the bandits in the past, is now defending them. “If Gizelle really wanted to be malicious, if she really wanted to shade Eddie, I guarantee you she would have had the one-liners coming left, right, and center that would have landed dead on. So I’m not going to say it was malicious,” Ashley said. Maybe it wouldn’t come off so bad if Gizelle said one truthful word about her messy relationship with Jamal Bryant. But I sense major deflection on all fronts. Ashley’s just probably glad that Michael isn’t causing all of the issues for once.


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Miss Ashley couldn’t finish an interview without shading her enemy CandeeGal. “Wendy should know enough in this group that if we really do want to be malicious toward you, if there are people who want to really say underhanded things, i.e. Candiace, then they have no problem doing so,” she added. CandeePants, chime in, please. We all know you have an epic clap back in your back pocket.


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