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Meredith Marks Can’t Fathom Why Jen Shah Kept Filming Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City After Her Arrest

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 premiered Sunday night, and while we are all anticipating watching Jen Shah’s arrest on camera, until that happens, we have to settle for some basic drama instead.  Luckily, there’s plenty of that.

Meredith Marks is still deeply upset at Jen for unresolved issues from the premiere season, and that is affecting her friendship with Lisa Barlow.  Meredith feels that Jen has been terrorizing her family on social media, and her son Brooks Marks has been the main target.  Jen has yet to apologize or acknowledge her behavior.

Most of the drama does circle back to Jen.  She loves shading her cast mates on social media.  Even best friend Heather Gay also got a dose of it.  Mary Cosby is on the periphery, but she will be waiting for a chance to feel vindicated when Jen falls.

The dynamic season began, and we all know what is awaiting Jen and what she was charged with.  As the cast make the interview rounds, there is a question as to why Jen continued filming knowing that everything would be scrutinized in a court of law.


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Meredith expressed the thought while on a recent episode of the “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast.  According to an article from Us Weekly, she was surprised at Jen’s decision to stay on RHOSLC. “I can’t fathom any attorney advising that she should have [kept filming], which is why I was so surprised,” Meredith said, “she may want to have a voice.  I just can’t my head around any lawyer under the sun ever advising a client in the same circumstances.”

Apparently, Jen is getting the same legal advice as Erika Jayne.  Erika was also questioned for her decision to remain on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, though the charges against the two differ slightly.  While Jen is accused of allegedly defrauding hundreds in a telemarketing scam, Erika is tied to a massive embezzlement investigation involving her ex-husband Tom Girardi.

Regardless of splitting legal hairs, it does seem bold that Jen or Erika would want to be in front of the cameras.  Meredith explained, “every single one of the ladies, including me … was DM’d information about Jen. So, knowing that and seeing how I could never understand what she did after all the questions that were asked, not just by me, but by the general public, and not understanding what any of these marketing companies were marketing or whatever. Yes, my eyebrows were raised.”

The Season 2 trailer hints that Meredith tipped off the Feds to come after Jen.  She clarified on the podcast that she knew nothing.  “I didn’t understand what was going on,” the RHOSLC star said, “did I think it was something illegal? No. Did I think it was possible? Sure. I mean, anything’s possible, but things didn’t add up for me and that was problematic.”


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Jen’s trial is scheduled to begin in March 2022 after a judge denied a motion asking that charges be dropped due to “legal and factual insufficiency.”  And though Meredith may dislike Jen due to her interactions with Brooks, Meredith isn’t ready to convict Jen of the charges brought against her.

Meredith opined, “innocent until proven guilty at the end of the day.  My friendship with Jen is a different standard, it’s not held to legal standards, but in terms of a crime, it is innocent till proven guilty and you know, the court of friendships a little bit different.”


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