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A Detective Disputes Aspects Of Erika Jayne’s Burglary Claims

Erika Jayne’s wild tales are starting to become a staple on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Cars flipping, broken ankles, cheating allegations. Erika has said it all. Fans were pressuring the self described ice queen to finally open up about her struggles if she’s going to stay on the show. And Andy Cohen promised us it would happen. But I don’t think any of us were prepared for the “honesty” she is claiming to give us.

On a recent episode, Erika claimed that estranged husband Tom Girardi’s house was burglarized. Which is true. But then she went on with quite the story, telling castmate Kyle Richards that Tom confronted the burglars. According to Erika, “Tom’s house was broken into, and he confronted the burglar and then he had to go have eye surgery and then my son had to go over and help and then, my son, he rolled over his car five times on the way home. I got a call at 3 in the morning — but didn’t get it until 6 — from [the] Pasadena police department that Tom’s home had been broken into. He confronted the burglar and then he had to go the hospital and then have some sort of surgery. I don’t even really know.” What a story.

Now Ok! Magazine is reporting that wasn’t exactly the case. The detective who arrived at the scene simply said Tom “wasn’t injured” at all. The detective went on to elaborate to The Sun, “Tom was sleeping in his bedroom and he heard someone in the closet. Tom called out and thought it was the son, but he couldn’t tell because it was dark.”

The detective said, Tom “heard someone and saw a shadowy figure and he called out the son’s name, but no one responded.” And added, “Tom showed me where he believed some cufflinks were taken. They were missing from the closet.”


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The detective also believes that the recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Tom might have been confused about the whole thing. They explained, “He gave a statement saying he was traveling all over the place, but it just didn’t seem like that was possible, it didn’t seem like he would because he was pretty old. So I don’t know if it’s like dementia or Alzheimer’s started kicking in or something like that.”

The source also revealed that the police got in touch with Tom’s brother to check on him. The police department also suspended the case due to lack of evidence. The officer said, “We didn’t have any security video, or security cameras. We didn’t have any leads and we suspended the case because we really didn’t have anything to go on.”

Well well well, this is vastly different from the story that Erika so “honestly” told us. At this point, I’m not sure what Erika’s end game is here. Doesn’t she realize that these tall tales can easily be disproved with a little bit of digging? And that when you make such big claims, they would realistically be backed up by evidence? I guess Erika didn’t get the memo. Maybe she’s not as smart as she claims to be.


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